Community Partner Highlight: Greater Denton Arts Council

This week, we have the chance to speak to the Greater Denton Arts Council and find out about their mission!

1. Your name and title? 

Greater Denton Arts Council

2. What is your organization and what does it do?

 We are a nonprofit that supports the arts in Denton, with three galleries with grants, art shows, and activities.

3. What is your organization’s mission?

 To support the arts and artist of our community

4. Why did you choose to work in this field?

 I love to help people and I love the arts, GDAC allows for all those loves to come together

5. What led you to work with the Center for Leadership and Service? 

As a nonprofit we rely on volunteers to pull off many of our activities. We rely on the younger college audience to help breathe life into our marketing and programs.

6. What is your favorite initiative that you have worked on so far? 

Working with local artists of all types on collaborations.

7. What would you say to students who want to get involved?

 Email Christine Sanders at if you are interested in the arts, education, nonprofit, and community involvement. We can give you experience in all of that.