The University of North Texas recently hosted TED Talks here on campus, where members of the Mean Green family spoke on ways to “Create the Change,” and how to propel the world forward through meaningful research, social advocacy, and innovation. One of the presenters, Corinne French of Orientation and Transition Programs, spoke about women in leadership roles in the professional world.

French shared her story about how she manages the demands of not only working full-time as a Student Services Coordinator for OTP but also being a single mother of six.

“I cooked every meal for 17 years for six kids,” said French. “I think there is an expectation to be at each of our children’s events and somehow that is the mark of good motherhood. It has been socially acceptable for fathers to be absent or away for work, but there is an unwritten rule that moms must be superwomen and supermoms. That idea must go.”

French expressed the importance of sharing her story at the TEDxUNT event. She stated that women listening to each other’s stories benefits the growth and progression of women.

“I believe that we all benefit from hearing how others have managed their circumstances but feel that it is especially important for women to know what is possible if they are not boxed into a specific role,” said French. “I want women from all backgrounds to see that their voice matters and they do not have to wait to lead. “Women must think differently regarding risk as well as rest in the confidence that we have done the hard work to take the next step and apply for roles in leadership positions."


In her presentation, French talked about women in the workforce and in leadership roles. Her message to working women and young ladies is to bring others along with them on their journey. And not to hesitate to ask successful people to join you in your endeavors.

Currently, French is working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership from SMU and hoping to be a professor someday. She also plans on writing/editing books that celebrate women in all walks of life and hopes to document stories that highlight the success stories of women in different settings.