The Center for Leadership and Service held the 15th anniversary event of UNT Eaglethon where they raised over $30,000 to donate to Cook Children's Miracle Network.

UNT Eaglethon, a 6-hour live dance marathon fundraising event, celebrated wishes and supported a noble cause by raising over $30,000 for Cook Children's Hospital. This year’s event was the 15th anniversary of UNT Eaglethon with nearly $300,000 raised altogether.

Eaglethon is an annual fundraising initiative, organized by the Center for Leadership and Service, that culminates with hours of dancing and additional activities recognizing the youth supported by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

“Eaglethon has had many slogans: for the kids, we are one generation fighting for the next, and change kids' health, change the future. We love these messages because what it says is together, we can make an impact that doesn't just change today it changes tomorrow for generations of kids and families,” said Tricia Rodriguez, Director for the Center for Leadership & Service. “The students of Eaglethon have been creating change, along with the community that supports them and their endeavors, for 15 years! 15 years of helping children and their families during difficult times, 15 years of bringing joy through the art therapy program at Cook Children's, 15 years of miracles, 15 years of UNT students dedicating themselves to this cause, 15 years of legacy and purpose, and almost $300,000 fundraised.”

Many of the Cook Children’s Miracle Network kids attend the event with their families, sharing with the participants their health challenges as well as the triumphs they have experienced thanks to the amazing medical services made possible by donations from previous Eaglethon events. The real goal of Eaglethon becomes clear after hearing their experiences.

“My favorite aspect of Eaglethon are the kids,” said senior Katy Manning. “Just having a day where we can celebrate them, they get to share their stories, run through the tunnel; it’s just exciting to see and be a part of the event.”

UNT’s Eaglethon event is part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement which unites college and high school students across North America. Since 1991, the Miracle Network Dance Marathon has raised more than $350 million.

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