How being Latinx influenced my Leadership and Service

As I grew up in a Latinx community I never felt fully accepted because I could not speak Spanish. This created a challenge within myself to feel as if I could not accept myself as a Latina and started to undervalue myself and the work that I had done. Rather than allowing it to make me hide I decided that I would work extra hard to be accepted by not only the outside community but also the community that I represented. I felt that I had to prove myself and took on that responsibility to show them that I can be a great leader and help the representation that is lacking. I realized that not speaking Spanish should not define me and how Latin I am.

I decided to take pride in myself and who I represented. I found that I had the power to create paths and open doors for emerging leaders and those who could help one another with new opportunities. Despites those who might push me down and say no to my face trying to make sure that I do not succeed, I continue to focus on my own growth and advancement in leadership. By stepping out of my own comfort zone and taking action I was able to open doors for myself. I want to be able to pay it forward and help those to have a seat at the table and the support they need.