Mean Green Move-In Weekend, held August 19 – 20, 2017, proved to be a great experience for new students and their families thanks to a new format and collaboration among several departments. The event’s success also compliments UNT’s efforts to meet the increasing demand of students who want to live on campus.

Move-In Weekend

Traditionally a one-day event for new students to move into the campus residence halls, this year, Move-In was expanded to two days, with students assigned one of five specific check-in times. The expanded timeframe allowed traffic on campus to flow more smoothly and increased the efficiency of the check-in process.

Aiding in that process were more than 600 student, staff, faculty and administrative volunteers who assisted with check in, bin check out and moving items for students and their families.

In addition, Dining Services and the University Union provided meal options; the UNT Police Department assisted with traffic; and Eagle Post, ID Services and Transportation Services opened their offices to assist students with obtaining their mailboxes, ID cards and parking permits so they would have everything they needed for the start of First Flight Week.

By Monday morning, 82 percent of all residential students had moved into their residence halls. The remaining upper-class residential students were free to move in at their leisure.

Feedback from students, families and volunteers was overwhelmingly positive, ensuring the new format will be implemented next year as well.

Increasing Demand to Live on Campus

The demand to live on campus for the fall 2017 semester has been so great that the 15 residence halls are at near capacity, with 6,160 students housed within them. Freshmen are required to live on campus, but upper-classmen are increasingly wanting to remain on campus as well.

“Freshmen who return for their sophomore year and beyond, as well as transfer students, want to continue living on campus,” said James Fairchild, associate director for housing. “Students enjoy the experience of living in the residence halls in large part due to our staff and programs, and that’s something we are proud of.”

UNT is meeting the increased demand to live on campus by constructing a new 500-bed residence hall that is scheduled to open fall 2019, and plans could be further expanded over the next few years.

“I think this desire to live on campus is part of our institution’s success,” said Fairchild. “It is great for the overall business of the university and its long-term growth.”

Residence Hall Renovations

UNT also has begun renovations on several of its residence halls to ensure students continue to enjoy living in them.

Maple Hall Front DeskRecent renovations to Maple Hall included reconfiguring the entrance to the building to be more open and spacious; raising the ceiling height to create more space; refinishing the reception desk; replacing furniture, recreation and AV equipment; and adding a modern palette for new paint, carpet, and lighting fixtures in the common areas and all corridors for the hall.

The work at Maple Hall completed this summer was phase one of two that is planned for the building. A refresh of the resident rooms throughout the hall is being planned for summer 2018. Similar activities are intended for Clark, Crumley and McConnell Halls in future years. 

All of this work is part of planning initiated to renovate the historical residence halls in Housing. The intent has been to refresh and update the halls to keep them appealing to current students.

“The early feedback has been very positive,” said Fairchild. “Students and parents recognized that a tremendous amount of work went in to the renovation between May 2017 and opening of the hall for the fall 2017 semester. Updating the aesthetics, while also keeping the working systems of the hall in good working order, goes a long way toward communicating to residents that we are taking care of their needs and providing a quality environment to live within.”

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