CRP and SURE restructure within Dean of Students to form RISE

The Division of Student Affairs recently added the Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) to the Dean of Students office where it will be merged with the Substance Use Resource and Education program (SURE) to provide more resources to students. The new center will be called RISE (Recovery and Intervention Support and Education) and it will encompass both programs.

“RISE will house multiple programs in one location for students to more easily identify our services, increase resource connections and referrals for students, and create a supportive community for students who are navigating college life and are sober curious or already identify as someone in recovery,” said Sonia Redwine, Director of RISE Center.

The COVID pandemic has created social distancing measures that prevent students from having interactions with their peers, which has led to mental and emotional stress for some, Redwine added.

“This move is happening at a critical time as we are seeing worsening mental health outcomes, increases in substance use/abuse, and elevated suicidal ideation during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with young adults and racial/ethnic minority groups,” said Redwine. “Being a singular point of access for prevention, early intervention, and peer recovery services, we will better support our student population with the resources and tools they need to be successful at UNT and beyond.”

To visit the RISE Center and explore the resources provided by CRP, visit their offices located in Chestnut Hall, Suite 301.