Sorority Receive Recognition for Academic Achievements

We are happy to announce that once again the sororities at the University of North Texas have collectively achieved a higher all-sorority grade point average than UNT’s all-women’s average for the 2018 calendar year.  They were awarded the Academic Achievement Award from the National Panhellenic Conference because of these achievements.

“Joining Pi Phi gave me a group of women who push me to be my best every day.  Before Pi Phi I wasn’t very confident in my intelligence, but having incredibly academically driven and bright women surrounding me motivates me every day to do more than my best”- Bailey Smith (Pi Beta Phi) 

Made up of 26 member organizations, the National Panhellenic Conference is the world’s largest umbrella organization specifically charged with advancing the sorority experience. Through its advocacy, NPC seeks to enlist nearly 5 million sorority women in its efforts to showcase the transformational power of the sorority experience.