Forty-eight UNT Division of Student Affairs staff members were honored at the Service Award Ceremony held on March 20. The ceremony is an annual event that recognizes employees who meet five-year service milestones during the calendar year.

The DSA honorees were:

5 Years of Services

  • Bryant Canzoneri, Dining Services
  • Sandy Howell, Student Affairs
  • Idalia Martinez Macedo, Retail Dining
  • Kathleen Marion, Union Administration
  • Kristy McGaughey, Catering
  • Donna Richie, Union Administration
  • Georgianna Stone, Counseling and Testing
  • Alketa Sulollari, Housing Custodial
  • Kyle Tilton, Recreational Sports
  • Timothy Trail, Dean of Students
  • Amanda Vaughn, Housing Administration
  • Stephanie Wilson, Student Health and Wellness

10 Years of Service

  • James Anderson, Housing Custodial
  • Efigenia Bueno, Residential Dining
  • Courtney Burke, Gateway Center
  • Margaret Featherstone, Residence Hall Operations
  • Hope Garcia, Student Affairs
  • Taylor Guillory, Union Administration
  • Ana Rocha, Housing Custodial
  • Veronica Sanchez, Residential Dining (met service milestone in 2016)
  • Kerry Stanhope, Student Health and Wellness
  • Tanya Tolbert St. Clair, Residence Hall Operations
  • Lek Thomas, Residential Dining
  • Penny Washington, Dining Services

15 Years of Service

  • Agnieszka Beavers, UNT TRiO
  • Angela Britton, Residential Dining
  • Linda Clisso, Student Health and Wellness
  • Rose Fleeks, Student Health and Wellness
  • Tracy Frier, Student Affairs
  • Maria Del Galvez, Housing Custodial
  • Teresa Garcia, Housing Custodial
  • Amy Hsu, Residential Dining
  • Christian Lawrence, Recreational Sports
  • Latoya Russell, Housing Custodial
  • Rosalinda Sanmiguel, Housing Custodial
  • Randy Sikes, Union Administration
  • Anne Strong, UNT TRiO
  • Connie Verdin, Gateway Center
  • James Walker, Residential Dining

20 Years of Service

  • Peter Balabuch, Dining Services 
  • Lori Duvall, Recreational Sports
  • James McAlister, Housing Custodial
  • Maureen McGuinness, Student Affairs
  • Patricia Strader, Union Administration

25 Years of Service

  • Diane Owen, UNT TRiO
  • Tricia Raper-Combs, Student Health and Wellness

30 Years of Service

  • Charles Manuel, Residential Dining

35 Years of Service

  • Haward Tolbert, Housing Custodial

Congratulations to all of the honorees!

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