DENTON – September 2, 2021

The US Department of Education refunded TRIO Talent Search, a federal grant program that assists students in enrolling in and graduating from post-secondary educational institutions. The program is funded for five years to serve 899 students at Denton High School, Gainesville High School, Gainesville Junior High School, Ryan High School, and Strickland Middle School.

Program Director Beverly Maloney explains, “TRIO Talent Search is a college prep program for students wanting more choices for their future. Our job is to help students navigate the very competitive and confusing college admission and financial aid process, to hopefully increase the number of college-educated individuals in our state.”

The TRIO Talent Search (TS) program was established at UNT in 1985 and assists students in pursuing further education at not only universities, but also community and technical colleges, as well as in certificate programs. TRIO TS accepts students in 6th-12th grades and provides information on careers and school success skills, SAT/ACT/TSI test prep and registration, and assistance with college admissions, financial aid and scholarship applications. Students also visit local colleges and universities. The new TRIO TS grant includes additional funds for job shadowing and mentoring, and for summer STEM programs. All program services are completely free to students and their families.

Ms. Maloney is excited about the new opportunities for the TRIO TS program. “The future of Texas depends on our youth becoming successful and productive adults. The more prepared they are, the more choices they’ll have in the workforce, thus improving the economy and resourcefulness in this area. TRIO Talent Search is helping change north Texas….one student at a time!”

UNT’s second Talent Search Program, HEB Talent Search, was also refunded. This program serves 503 students in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD.  It was originally funded in 2006, making this the 16th year that it has served junior high and high school students in the district. Talent Search provides the opportunities for these students by inspiring them to reach for their dreams—and by aiding them in the processes necessary to fulfill those dreams. 

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