This February UNT’s four council executive boards had the opportunity to attend the Central Association of Fraternity Leadership and Values Conference and the National Black Greek Leadership Conference in Indianapolis.  AFLV Central and NBGLC was an incredible experience for all students who attended. Over 3000 Greek leaders from across the country gathered there to learn how to better our councils, chapters, and communities. Over the course of these four days council leaders and chapter presidents were able to attend sessions pertaining to their positions.

There were sessions about social media and how to use your platform correctly, risk management sessions about topics such as sexual assault and how to have hard conversations, finance sessions about how to budget correctly, service sessions about how to make service events more entertaining, and everything in between. The conference included some wonderful speakers including Matt Mattson, who talked about how we need to focus on having better human-to-human interactions to have our organizations succeed.  We also heard from The Piazza, Gruver, and Braham families who shared their stories of their losses as a result of fraternity hazing and their call to action to End Hazing Now.