UNT Esports continues its rise in prominence by besting rival LSU

Around 20,000 people watched UNT square off against longtime rivals LSU on Oct. 14 ending the Tiger's undefeated streak.

You can watch the full match here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494704021?t=04h06m39s.

UNT started off strong with a decisive first round win in the best of five match 5-1 UNT’s 2Fast capitalized on LSU’s super aggression landing multiple shots on goal with an open net. On match two LSU and UNT played a defensive game going into overtime. In 11 seconds LSU pulled a kick off trick that would tie up the series 1-1. On game two the match went into overtime and with a barrage of offence LSU’s “Sharp” brought the match score to 1-2. Back against the wall, UNT played smart defense and brings the game to overtime again 2-2. In match four overtime UNT puts on a ton of chipping pressure and breakthrough with an overtime win after 2 mins from a triple commit with UNT’s AlecStorm getting the goal. In the final match of the series in game five LSU dominated the possession and led to another low scoring tie 1-1. In the final overtime LSU overcommitted on the kickoff and missed their shot leading to UNT’s Dbanq riding the ball down to score and finish the series.

"We knew if we played our game we would win, we are so hype right now," said UNT Rocket League player Dylan Windebank. "Winning this was great for us. Thank you for supporting UNT and hopefully we can keep bringing some wins for you all."

The casters reflected this was some of the best Collegiate Rocket League they’ve seen this Fall. Both teams brought their A game, and you could tell how both team’s respected how little inch they could afford to give to each other. You can watch the postgame interview here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494704021?t=04h58m15s UNT Rocket League is now 9-1 in the regular season for CRL.