Background Information

The North Texas in DC (NTDC) Internship Program was established in 2003 by (former) Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations & Chief Policy Operations Officer Rey Rodriguez and Vice President for Student Affairs Elizabeth With in order to give University of North Texas students the opportunity to connect with distinguished internships in our nation's capital. The program was later expanded to include opportunities in Austin, Texas during alternating Spring semesters. NTDC has provided for over 225 UNT students, who have traveled to DC or Austin, to intern for various government entities. Some students have used their experience to launch a career of their own while others have benefited from the internship by applying their experience to law school or graduate school.


DC placements are available every fall and spring semester. Austin placements are available every other spring when the Texas state legislature is in session. The exact number of placements can vary by year, but DC typically receives 5-6 interns and Austin typically receives 3 interns.


  • Any major
  • Undergraduate students with 60 credit hours and a 3.0 GPA or master's students with 15 credit hours and 3.25 GPA
  • Current enrollment during the semester you're applying and the semester of the internship
  • Available to complete a full 15-week program (the entire semester)


  • A stipend is provided to help cover costs. As of Fall 2022, DC interns receive $1,500 and Austin interns receive $1,000 based off cost of living. 
  • Housing is provided in local internship housing options. This is arranged and directly paid for by UNT.
  • Mentorship is provided in your placement office and with program and UNT alumni in the area.
  • This unique resume builder provides professional experience that very few students have.
  • Connect with UNT alumni in DC and build a large networking system.

What to Expect

Interns work full time for their internship during the course of the semester. Historically, work has been primarily, or entirely, in the office, but some placements have instituted occasional remote work since COVID-19.

On-site internship supervisors assign projects and provide feedback throughout the semester, while NTDC staff stay up-to-date through weekly journals, regular check-ins, and a mid-semester dinner in your placement city with alumni networking.

Office placement, prior work experience/skills, and interests play a significant role in the intern experience, but the most common duties reported by past interns include:

  • Office administrative work
  • Answering constituent questions and recording concerns and suggestions
  • Reviewing pending legislation/court decisions and providing summary briefs
  • Providing Capitol tours
  • Contributing to social media content and website/other marketing copy
  • Special projects, like writing messages to international dignitaries and assisting in major constituent outreach events