Application Information

Applications and recommendation letters for the Fall 2024 cohort are closed and we are no longer accepting applications. We will re-open our application process for Spring 2025, during the Fall 2024 semester.

During our application process, physical applications can be turned at the front desk of the Vice President of Student Affairs office in the Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207. Applications can also be submitted addressed to Erik Sikkema at

The North Texas in Washington D.C. (NTDC) application is composed of the following sections:

NTDC General Application (Academic Progress, Social Media, and 2 short answer questions)

Due to the nature of these internships, the application process includes research into an applicant's social media history. It is important that all interns represent themselves in a positive and professional image both in person and online. Freedom of speech is an important aspect of social media but applicants must understand that any content posted to the internet can be seen as a reflection of UNT, the NTDC program, and your internship office placement. Please note that any content posted under "privacy" settings are still considered "public."

Please take the time to clean up content on your social media accounts that may include not not limited to:

  • Statements or posts that are or can easily be misconstrued by readers
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Politically charged
  • Politically incorrect
  • Inappropriate
  • Bullying
  • Threats
Headshot of the Applicant

Photo does not need to be professionally taken, but it should be something you would feel comfortable sharing with an employer.

If submitted electronically, the file should be a png, jpeg, or pdf format.

Resume of the Applicant
One-page resume outlining educaitonal background, honors, work experience, and special skills.
Official UNT Transcript

Official transcripts may be obtained from the first-floor of the Registrar's Office in the Eagle Student Services Center.

New transfer students should use a copy from their prior institution.

Personal Essay

This essay should be typed, double-spaced, and no more than 750 words (typically about 3 pages). Essays are both evaluated for your acceptance into the program and shared with the hiring supervisors for the specific offices to your application is submitted. Take time to write a clear, thoughtful essay about your interests and goals. This is a great opportunity to provide more details about your life experience and aspirations outside your transcript and resume.

DO NOT specify a particular office or type of internship; rather, focus on your abilities and career plans. DO NOT write a research paper--simply demonstrate that you have a serious interest and some background knowledge about issues that important in your field.

Your essay should indicate your concern for the issues and your desire to learn more about themYour essay can include:

  • Academic, professional, and personal goals for the internship within the context of the specific area or program initiative you have selected
  • Demonstrated leadership on campus and in your community
  • A brief discussion of your personal background
  • Major issues related to the field in which you wish to work
    • Included in this section should be your personal views on at least one of these issues
    • Skills you want to learn and those you want to improve
    • How your previous experience or interests have helped you prepare for the kind of internship you are requesting
2 Letters of Recommendation

The deadline is the same as the rest of the application, though we can offer a small degree of flexibility if the author needs a few more days.

At least one (1) recommendation must be from a faculty or staff member at UNT.

  • Letters of recommendation may be given to the student who will then attach them to their application and other supporting materials, or they may be sent directly to the Vice President for Student Affairs Office or the by the person making the recommendation
  • It is the responsibility of the application to make sure that recommendations are received by the deadline

If you have questions about the NTDC program and/or application process, we invite you to attend an information session below (when applicable) or email