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Complete Care pairs UrbanSitter's child care, pet care, senior care, and household services with Kinside's marketplace of daycares and preschools to bring you the very best coverage for all your needs. No matter the scenario, find the care that fits your budget, schedule, location, and preferences. This program is FREE to UNT students, faculty, and staff. Visit Your Complete Care Benefits at a Glance for introduction on Complete Care, Urbansitter, and Kinside.

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Lactation Rooms

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act calls for certain organizations with 50 or more employees to provide a private location and “reasonable break time” for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child's birth. Bathrooms cannot be designated as lactations rooms by the institution.

Five rooms for breastfeeding have been completed and furnished in the busiest buildings:

  • Union 431 (next to the restrooms)
  • Discovery Park B145
  • Willis Library 155C- need a key from front desk to access (Currently closed as Library is under renovation)
  • Gateway Center C058A- need the key from the front desk to access
  • General Academic Building 542A-need key from Dean's Office (rm 210) to access

The private rooms are indicated by the universal breastfeeding logo (see below), except for Union 431.

Universal breastfeeding and lactation logo.

Each room has a wood-look vinyl plank floor for ease of cleaning, includes a bariatric chair (rated to hold up to 1,000 pounds) covered in vinyl upholstery (also for ease of cleaning), a side table, and a table lamp so nursing mothers can turn off the overhead light if they so choose.

Each room also includes an outlet for a breast pump and a Koala brand changing table. There are no sinks in the rooms, but wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers installed.

For a comprehensive list of lactation rooms, please use the Lactation Rooms link above.

The Texas Health Code identifies organizations as “mother-friendly” when they establish policies to support worksite breastfeeding. The code also allows breastfeeding in any location.

UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger

The UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger is one of the best ways to serve our students experiencing food insecurity. Located in Crumley Hall, in the Diamond Eagle Student Resource Center, W. Highland Street, Denton, TX, 76201

Beginning August 21st, the UNT Food Pantry presented by Kroger hours for the Fall 2023 semester are:

  • Monday: 11am-6pm
  • Tuesday: 10am- 6pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am- 1:30pm
  • Thursday: 10am-1pm
  • Friday: 1:30pm - 4:30pm
  • Saturday: 12:30pm -2:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed
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