Kimberly Burdine

Counseling and Testing Services
Licensed Psychologist
Hourly Therapist & Clinical Supervisor
Kim Burdine

Hey there! I am happy to share about myself and help you get to know me. People refer to me as Dr. Burdine, Kim, or Dr. Kim, and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a licensed psychologist, and I have worked with students in secondary education and university settings my entire career. I earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a M.S. in Counseling from Oklahoma State University, and I also earned a B.S. in Mathematics Education from Langston University, which is a Historically Black University (“HBCU”). I have lived in Texas for about 10 years, and I am originally from Oklahoma City where the majoring of my family currently lives. When I’m not working, I enjoy having a good meal and being in community with people who stretch my imagination and deepen my sense of aliveness. As a neuro”spicey” human, I also love talking about my interests and passions. IYKYK 😊

In my approach as an hourly (part-time) counselor at Counseling & Testing Services (CTS), I make effort to co-create a therapy space that nurtures the personal and professional development that I may have benefited from, as a first-generation college graduate. Authenticity, humor, and affirmation are essential in that process, and I encourage students to bring their most vulnerable experiences, desires, and challenges into counseling. I feel well-resourced to work with students who are navigating relationship concerns, trauma, mood concerns, anxiety, and stress related to career decisions and/or life transitions. I especially enjoy helping students who are interested in healing and liberation connected to their racial identity, sexuality, gender expression, ability status, or any parts of themselves that are unaffirmed in the academic setting. I am deeply inspired by the power and necessity of community, and I strive for a sense of solidarity and authentic connection with the students, trainees, and staff who I get to work with at CTS.