Sam Williamson Assistant Director

High School Career Connect
A man with white skin, dark hair, and a beard is wearing a suit and smiling at the camera.

Born and raised in Denton, Texas, I’m a product of a family and community that emphasizes the arts, education, and service. I am proud of that, and I have tried to carry these elements with me in my life’s work. After I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with my BFA and teaching certificate, I joined the United States Peace Corps where I served as a teacher trainer in the Pacific Island country of Kiribati and a mentoring center director in the West Africa country of Mauritania.

I returned to get my master’s degree in Innovation Studies through the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas. Through my graduate research, I partnered with the education non-profit Big Thought in Dallas, and after earning my MA, I joined the Big Thought team. Five years later I was offered an opportunity to serve my Alma Mater, and hometown, when I joined the staff at the University of North Texas. I first joined UNT as a Community and Serving Learning Coordinator, and now as Assistant Director at UNT’s High School Career Connect, bringing me back home to Denton with my wife Chelsey and daughter Amelia.

Education: A BFA from University of Texas at Austin, and a MA from University of North Texas