First Year Council

First Year Council is one of the best leadership experiences available to first-year students at UNT. In this program student leaders go through intensive leadership training, learn how to put on large-scale events on campus, and build strong relationships with one another in preparation to become part of the next generation of student leaders on our campus. Working extremely close with the Executive Branch and Student Senate, they aide in the development of special projects and legislation to improve UNT's campus. 

How to become a member: FYC applications are made available to first year students over the summer and the beginning of the fall semester. Applicants complete an application and interview process prior to be selected by the Director of Leadership and Development

FYC’s Mission Statement: Dedicated to guiding the Freshman of the University of North Texas to achieve their leadership potential through the practice of transformational learning and work with the campus and Denton community.


● Prepare the members of the First-Year Council to be capable of fulfilling larger roles as campus leaders at the University of North Texas and their professional careers.

● Help the members of the First-Year Council to become knowledgeable about resources and opportunities that are available to them.

● Guide the members of the First-Year Council in understanding leadership practices and how to think with the end in mind, with the help of problem-solving strategies and collaboration.

● Teach the members of First-Year Council that they are never too young or new at something to create change in a community. My Goal: Make FYC Prestigious and to increase SGA’s retention rate.


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