2023 Spring Student Senate

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The Senate

The Student Senate is a body of forty-five Senators made up of representatives from each of the colleges. The seats are allocated based on the population of each college. The Student Senate is the legislative body of the association.


Senate Leadership

Sarah Robertson


Speaker of the Senate
Braden Dahlem


Speaker Pro-Tempore:
Honors College
Alyssa Rudolph


Sergeant At Arms: 
College of Science Senator
Nayely Alejandre


College of Business Senator

How to become a member: Senators are elected to serve their term the following year in the spring semester. They must campaign and win the popular vote, much like the Student Government Association President and Vice President. Once the new academic year begins, open Senate seats are available for appointment. More information regarding appointments can be found here


Get Appointed to the Senate

College Seats Available
College of Business 0
College of Education 1
College of Engineering 3
College of Health and Public Service 1
College of Information 2
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 1
College of Music 0
College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism 1
College of Science 0
College of Visual Arts and Design 1
Honors College 0
Mayborn School of Journalism 0
New College 2
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science 0
At- Large 2
How to get appointed to the Senate

Must have a UNT GPA which is no less than 2.4, must be in good standing with the university, enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours per semester during term of office, must obtain 25 signature petitions of one's own college, or 50 of a college which one is not currently in. Once you pass the eligibility check, then you will appear before the Senate which will approve or deny your appointment.

Complete the application here.

Senate Standing Committees

  1. The Campus Life and Environment Committee shall work toward the development of a campus environment that supports the personal, academic, and social needs of students. This includes the physical environment, safety, security, campus dining, transportation, and other service areas directly impacting the overall quality of student life at UNT.
  2. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall address legislation referrals that were made specifically to identify and/or resolve concerns relating to diversity and inclusion, as well as develop legislation specific to diversity and inclusion reform that is of benefit to the UNT community.
  3. The Internal Senate Committee shall be charged with enforcing the Senate Code of Conduct, adjudication of code of conduct referrals, assisting the Senate on oversight functions, and all other functions which pertain to the integrity of the Senate.
  4. The Legislative Affairs Committee shall be charged with handling referrals related to concerns about the constitutionality of bills, the consistent review of governing documents for edit recommendations, and shall handle all other matters which are not explicitly accounted for in other existing Senate committees.

Senate Code of Conduct

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