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Counseling and Testing Services

Counseling and Testing Services

Counseling and Testing Services (CTS) provides comprehensive psychological services to University of North Texas students.  CTS consists of two inter-related parts: Counseling Services and Testing Services. 

Through our Counseling Services, we provide free-of-charge services and strive to support the academic success and general well-being of UNT students through individual counseling, group counseling, TAO (Therapist Assisted Online), and workshops, career counseling, consultation, educational programs, and crisis intervention.  Additionally, we provide training for master’s and doctoral-level student clinicians in mental-health related programs.  Our staff consists of licensed clinicians, or clinicians in the process of obtaining licensure, as well as graduate-level trainees and interns.  Counseling Services is in Chestnut Hall, Suite 311, and can be reached at (940) 565-2741.

Through our Testing Services, we provide a wide range of services including traditional admissions testing, computer-based testing, career testing, and other tests.  These tests may be administered free or for a charge, depending on the particular examination.  Of note, Testing Services is in the Gateway Center, Room 140, and can be reached at (940) 369-7617.

We value diversity and strive to provide an environment that is welcoming and accepting to students, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual identity, gender identity or expression, citizenship, or physical status.

This national election cycle has been a particularly stressful one. The UNT Counseling and Testing Services’ staff want to acknowledge a range of reactions including excitement, joy, relief, fear, sadness, anger, dread, hopelessness, anxiety, and numbness. You may find yourself within a circle of friends or classmates who do not share the same reactions as you. These interactions may evoke strong emotions and questions and may intensify your reactions.  

We are here to listen and support you as our nation works through this election transition. If you are struggling with the personal impact of the election, the tone of the national discussions, or if you are experiencing negative treatment, threats or more subtle forms of oppression because of your race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, country of origin or other aspect of your identity, please schedule an appointment (940-565-2741).

UNT CTS provides a safe space for discussions on identity, empowerment, intercultural competency, and the impact of the election. As this is a highly emotional time for our nation, we recommend several strategies to care for yourself and help you remain productive throughout the semester including:

  • Acknowledging your feelings:  check your emotional state before you engage in conversations. Are you in a space to dialogue?

  • Focusing on tasks or events that are in your control

  • Connect with friends, family, a community, or safe space to ground and support you

  • Focusing on the present and shifting away from the future focus

  • Monitoring your media use—check your reactions before and after taking in the information; set time limits

  • Opt out of unproductive conversations. Pay attention to whether the discussion is going to benefit anyone or just increase stress levels

  • Take care of basic needs such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, playing, and laughing. Incorporate activities that recharge you and relax you every day

  • Volunteer for an organization that supports your values and interests on (http://unt.orgsync.com/search)  or off campus

  • Attend a UNT CTS Weekly Workshop, such as Dog Breath, Healing Arts, or Stress Survival (http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/counseling-and-testing-services/services/group-counseling-and-workshops).  Of note, End of Semester Group with two therapy dogs, Dakota and Willow, is also available this week through the end of the semester, Thursdays at 10-11.

  • Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (940-565-2759) if you have experienced a bias or identity-based violence

  • Utilize self-care apps such as Breathe2Relax (iPhone, Android); Mindshift (iphone, Android); Stop, Breathe, Think (iPhone, Android); Headspace (iPhone, Android); Virtual Hope Box (iPhone, Android)

  • Visit other offices on campus for support, such as the Multicultural Center (940-565-3424), Pride Alliance (940-565-2589), UNT-International (940-565-2197), Women’s Center (972-565-3527), Office of Disability Accommodation (940-565-4323), Student Veteran Services (940-369-8021), and Office of Spiritual Life (940-565-3288).

  • Check our website for additional support and resources (will include links to useful articles about self-care, specific topics, etc.) at http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/counseling-and-testing-services.


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Hours of Operation 

Counseling Center 

Regular Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Friday: 8am - 5pm

Located in Chestnut Hall Suite 311

Telephone: (940) 565-2741

Testing Services

Tuesday - Saturday: 7 AM - 7 PM

Located in The Gateway Center Room 140

Telephone: (940) 369-7617

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