DSA Marketing Resources

There are several ways to advertise programs and events through the DSA home page and DSA departments.

Marketing & Communications Meetings

DSA Home Page

Banner Slides

Slide specs are (2250 x 750 pixels) and are available for posting on the DSA home page slider. You can create your own slide (jpeg or png format) or submit a project request for DSA Marketing and Communications to create one for you.

Event Pages

Event pages on the DSA homepage are populated from most of the division's department pages. Your department website content editors are able to add these events to your department's homepage, and they will automatically post to the DSA home page. If you have a separate department website that is not directly under the DSA website, please contact dsaweb@unt.edu in order to add your event to our page. The event photo thumbnail specs are (370 x 210) which we typically use stock photography for and we will need the following information:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Department
  • Any additional info, flyer or webpage associated

**Please remember to also add all of your events to social media (#UNT) and to the UNT Calendar!

Contact dsaweb@unt.edu for more information.


Rec Center

Banners (up to 60” x 60”) can be displayed in the Pohl Recreation Center for up to two weeks (other time periods can be accommodated based on needs). There is no cost to hang a banner.

The Rec Center also can print a pre-designed banner for a cost of $50. Artwork should be created to the dimensions of the banner and ideally submitted in PDF form, but Illustrator, Photoshop and JPEG files can be accepted if need be. Note: the Rec Center does not create artwork for banners, but only prints already-created artwork.

Contact Ben Hanisian (940-369-7157) for more information.


Residence Halls

Video kiosks that support mp4 video files are located in each residence hall. Click here for instructions on how to turn a PowerPoint file into a MP4 video file.

Building              Native Resolution

Bruce Hall          1920 x 1080
Rawlings Hall     1920 x 1080
West                   1920 x 1080
Victory Hall        1366 x 768
Crumley              1920 x 1200
Maple Hall         1920 x 1200
Honors Hall        1920 x 1200
Traditions Hall   1920 x 1200
Legends Hall      1920 x 1200
College Inn         1920 x 1200
Kerr Hall             1920 x 1200
Clark Hall            1920 x 1200
Mozart                1920 x 1200
McConnell         1920 x 1200

Contact Mark McLeod (940-369-8134) for more information.

University Union

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is available throughout the Union. Click here for information on the policies, sizes, formats and pricing.

Pop Up Banner Advertising

Departments can place pop up banners at the Union entrances. Click here for information on the policies and pricing.


Departments can table in the Union by contacting Event Planning & Scheduling Services.



During summer/fall orientations, Orientation and Transition Programs can run ads on the Coliseum screens. PowerPoint slides should be submitted by April 30 to Stephanie Brown