At the University of North Texas, Non-Traditional and Commuter Student Support takes pride in catering to the diverse and evolving needs of our expanding non-traditional student community. Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive support tailored to each individual, ensuring their academic journey beyond the campus is smooth and successful. We firmly believe that non-traditionalism is not an obstacle but an asset, enriching the fabric of our university community with unique perspectives and experiences.

Are You A Non-Traditional Student? 

While nationally the definition of a non-traditional student can vary from university to university, the University of North Texas considers a non-traditional student to be an undergraduate who commutes to one of the UNT campuses and:

  • Is 24 years of age or older, or
  • Has children or dependents, or
  • Works in a full-time position while enrolled in at least one class (3 hours). 

Non-Traditional Student Representative

Coming to college for the first time, or returning after some time away, can be a very intimidating and scary idea for students. Trying to navigate the campus, knowing who to talk to about certain resources UNT provides, and getting into the groove of things in the classroom may seem stressful, and may take a bit of time for some. We have a Non-Traditional Student Representative to help you throughout your experience here at UNT, whether you're new and adjusting to life at UNT or counting down the days until graduation. Your non-traditional student represenative is available to answer any questions you may have or confide in about any issues you might be facing as a non-traditional student at UNT!

Ask Your Non-Trad Rep About:

  • Tips for coming back to a college campus
  • Resources available to you as a non-traditional student
  • Scholarship opportunties
  • Off-Campus Housing Resources
  • And more!