Academic Resources

Learning Center

The UNT Learning Center provides a variety of academic support and resources for prospective and current UNT students for undergraduate and graduate students. For commuter and 100% online students, online tutoring and other online support is available to you. Learning Center services including the following:

  • Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
  • Tutoring (Including Online Tutoring)
  • Academic Coaching
  • Prospective and Current Graduate Student Support
  • Graduate School Entry Examinations
  • Supplemental Instruction

Math Lab

The Math Lab is part of the Learning Center and is a place for students to receive tutoring at any level of math. Tutoring is available in-person and online.

UNT Writing Center

Writing is a very important skill and tool to have, and everyone from professional writers down to elementary school children is constantly striving to improve their writing. The UNT Writing Center provides one-on-one writing tutoring and provides tips and strategies to improve your writing for undergraduate assignments and theses and dissertations for graduate students. Tutoring services are available in-person and online for students who are not able to be on campus.

Counseling and Testing Services

Counseling and Testing Services provides students with psychological well-being support and academic and career testing services. Counseling services include therapy (online therapy is available too!), career and vocational counseling, couples counseling, and more. Testing services assists with planning and preparing for academic or professional exams, including GRE, TOEFL, PRAXIS, and more.

Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL)

Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of non-traditional students continuing their higher education. Student members must have completed a minimum of twenty-four (24) graded semester hour credits and obtain a minimum 3.2 GPA. Eligible students will receive a letter of invitation to join the honor society with membership information. The University of North Texas chapter holds an induction ceremony each fall and spring semester to honor new members.