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Student Recognition and Awards

The Center for Leadership and Service recognizes UNT students for their commitment to campus and the University. Information about various programs and awards can be found below:

  • Community Engagement Graduation Cord

    • Community engagement is a core value and we want to make sure we publicly recognize and thank those who embrace it. We’ve created a special form of recognition for graduates who volunteer and serve — the Community Engagement Graduation Cord. To receive the community engagement cord, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
      • Undergraduate students must have participated in at least 100 hours of service while at UNT
      • Transfer, Graduate, and Doctoral students must have participated in at least 50 hours of service while at UNT
      • Please contact for more questions
  • Golden Eagle Award

    • The most prestigious award that UNT bestows upon a student leader. Recipients are those who show a tremendous commitment to co-curricular activities and enhancing campus life at UNT by engaging in considerable service and displaying great leadership, all while achieving excellence in the classroom. 

  • Emerging Student Leader Award

    • Honors an outstanding leader who has made a significant impact on their organization. 

  • Outstanding Student Volunteer Award

    • Honors a UNT student who demonstrates exceptional commitment to serving others and whose efforts have made a difference in the community and/or on campus. 

  • Student Organization Community Service Award

    • Honors a student organization that has demonstrated an organization-wide commitment to service to the community. 


For more information regarding the Eagle Awards please visit the Student Activities webpage. 



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