Rawlins Hall

UNT Serves! Living Learning Community

UNT Serves! is a Living Learning Community at UNT located in one of the residence halls on campus and is supported by the the Center for Leadership & Service.


In UNT Serves!, students engage in leadership and service activities that enable them to build lasting friendships, establish career networks and empower them to be the next generation of leaders.

Students in this wing come from a variety of backgrounds and majors but share the desire to make a difference in their community.

What our Alumni are saying...

"The best part about UNT SERVES! is the way it transforms ‘living in a dorm’ into ‘living in a community.’ You meet your neighbors, become friends with them, and actually care about them. I think this feeling eventually expands to the Denton community, because of what you’re exposed to in UNT SERVES!." - Chance Herrington, freshman

"This year has been amazing! I’ve made so many good friends. I’ve been introduced to so many resources that will benefit me for years to come. I wish all incoming freshmen could share this type of experience. It changes you." - Alana Murell, freshman

Students in UNT Serves! will...

  • Build a strong community by participating in team-building activities and weekly community meetings
  • Create and participate in community service projects and events to promote and address social needs and issues
  • Have the support of experienced faculty or staff mentors
  • Connect with campus and community leaders
  • Meet fellow students with an interest in making a difference during their time at UNT and beyond
  • Have direct access to service programs and volunteer opportunities on campus
  • Live together and work together to make a difference in the community


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