Mentoring Session Guides

Session guides help mentors engage in meaningful conversations with their mentees throughout the academic year. Each guide has supplemental documents, resources and activities that take about an hour for mentors and mentees to complete. The topics for our session guides are listed below.

  1. Getting to Know Your Mentee
  2. Steps for a Successful Semester
  3. Getting Involved and Managing Time
  4. Finishing Strong - Preparing for Finals
  5. Getting into the Spring of Things
  6. Career Exploration
  7. Closure and Reflection

Mentoring Program Consultations

If you are looking to develop a new mentoring program/initiative and/or having trouble running a mentoring program and would like program management you can email Isaiah Ross at to set up a consultation meeting. Consultation meetings can include the following:

  • Program Consultation Meetings
  • Program Management Guides 
  • Program Implementation Guides
  • Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Customized Program Resources