Withdrawals - SAGE 110

Are you considering withdrawing from the semester? We would like to assist you in any way that we can. Here are some resources that may help you stay enrolled in school:
  • Withdrawal Resources

    Withdrawal Resources




    Visit the Start Green Stay Green webpage, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page in order to be connected to different campus offices that can assist with a multitude of different financial concerns: https://www.unt.edu/staygreen


    The Learning Center provides tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, and other resources that can assist with academic concerns: https://learningcenter.unt.edu/

    Mental Health or Stress

    Counseling and Testing Services provides free counseling services to students: https://studentaffairs.unt.edu/counseling-and-testing-services

    Personal emergency (major life event, death of a family member, medical circumstance)

    The Dean of Students Office has multiple programs that can assist with providing resources and academic advocacy to students experiencing difficult life events: https://deanofstudents.unt.edu/resources


    The Office of Disability Access assists students with receiving reasonable accommodations in their courses: https://disability.unt.edu/

  • Student-Initiated Withdrawals (Dropping all classes)

    Withdrawing is the process of being removed from all classes enrolled in during an individual session that is currently in progress. Students are not able to remove themselves from all of their classes in an individual session, even if they are only enrolled in one class. In order to be withdrawn, students need to complete withdrawal paperwork through the Dean of Students Office. 

    Prior to the first day of classes, a student may be removed from all of their classes by completing a cancellation through their myUNT account. Information about the cancellation process can be found here: https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/canceling-classes. If a student does not want to be removed from all of their courses within an individual session, this is considered a class drop. More information about dropping individual courses is located here: https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/dropping-class

  • Withdrawal Considerations
    • Refund deadlines: The State of Texas sets refund deadlines, which determine which portion of cost of the semester tuition and fees the student is considered responsible for upon withdrawal. Information about refund deadlines is located here: https://sfs.unt.edu/class-drop-and-withdrawal-refunds
    •  Financial Aid: Withdrawing from a session may impact a student’s federal financial aid eligibility, which means that a student may owe back a portion of the financial aid that they received upon withdrawal. Information about withdrawing with financial aid is located here: https://financialaid.unt.edu/withdrawing 
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): In order to continue receiving federal financial aid, students need to be meet SAP. SAP requires students to complete at least 67% of classes attempted, and withdrawing from a session negatively impacts a student’s completion rate. More information about SAP is located here: https://financialaid.unt.edu/sap 
    • Scholarships: Students that have scholarships may want to email scholarships@unt.edu to determine if their scholarship eligibility will be impacted by a withdrawal.
    • VA/TA Benefits: Veteran/Dependent or Active Duty Service Member using VA or TA benefits for the term may want to contact the Student Veteran Services office to determine any potential implications. Contact information for the Student Veteran Services office can be found here: https://studentaffairs.unt.edu/student-veteran-services/contact. 
    • International Students: International students will need to contact the International Office in order to speak with an advisor regarding any potential Visa implications of withdrawal. The Dean of Students Office cannot process an international student’s withdrawal without the permission of the International Office.
        If you have any questions or concerns about any of these implications, please contact our office at DOSWithdrawals@unt.edu, or call 940-565-3633 to schedule a meeting with a staff member. We can help you determine how these implications may impact you, and answer your questions. 


  • How to Withdraw
    • If you are an undergraduate student, you can schedule an appointment via Navigate at https://appointments.unt.edu/ or call 940-565-3633. During the meeting students will:
      • Be advised of implications for withdrawal.
      • Be informed of any obligations they may have with UNT or need to fulfill prior to withdrawing.
      • Complete Financial Aid documents & Exit Counseling (as applicable).
      • Complete the withdrawal form & other documents (as applicable).
      • Discuss any options or solutions that could assist you in remaining enrolled. 
    • If you are a graduate student:
      • Call 940-565-3633 in order to schedule a time to meet with a staff member to fill out paperwork and discuss any withdrawal implications.
      • Email DOSWithdrawals@unt.edu with your name, student ID number, and session you would like to withdraw from. You will receive a response from one of our staff members. 

    *Please note that on a refund deadline, we must receive your withdrawal request by midnight, and you will receive an additional paperwork return deadline in order for the refund deadline to be honored.   

    Regular Session: August 23- December 10, 2021


    August 22: Last day for 100% refund
    August 23: First Class Day
    August 27: Last day for 80% refund
    September 2: Last day for 70% refund
    September 4: Census 
    September 9: Last day for 50% refund
    September 15: Last day for 25% refund
    November 12: Last day to drop a course or withdraw from REG session


    8w1 Session: August 23- October 15, 2021


    August 22: Last day for 100% refund
    August 23: First Class Day
    August 25: Last day for 80% refund
    August 28: Census 
    August 30: Last day for 50% refund
    October 1: Last day to drop a course or withdraw from REG session


    8w2 Session: October 18- December 10, 2021


    October 17: Last day for 100% refund
    October 18: First Class Day
    October 20: Last day for 80% refund
    October 23: Census 
    October 25: Last day for 50% refund
    November 19: Last day to drop a course or withdraw from REG session


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