Juliana Cox, B.A.

Position Title: Graduate Assistant
Email: juliana.cox@unt.edu
Phone: (940) 369 8617
Location: 1155 Union Circle, Suite 376C
Bio: "Born and raised in Houston! I am proud to be a Texan and continue to advocate for positive socio-cultural change in our state. I moved to Denton to pursue my masters degree at UNT for clinical mental health counseling and play therapy. I have experience mentoring individuals through their unique alcohol and substance use recovery journeys from my previous work at a long-term residential treatment center. I am passionate about helping others learn about the physical and mental impacts that drugs and alcohol can have on one's functioning and development. So, I am excited to work on a new team serving my fellow colleagues; we are here for you!"

Maisha Bushra

Position Title: Undergraduate Student Assistant
Email: maisha.bushra@unt.edu
Location: 1155 Union Circle, Suite 376C