Using the Pantry

Food Pantry Usage Policy

These policies were drafted for the UNT Food Pantry to prioritize the maximization of our ability to serve students. These policies are subject to change as more students access the pantry. Please thoroughly read all policies before utilizing the UNT Food Pantry. For any questions about our policies, you may email

Who can use the pantry?

The UNT Food Pantry is only available to currently enrolled students at the University of North Texas. A student who has graduated or is taking a semester off from classes is no longer eligible to utilize the food pantry. Alternative resources are available via our website.

When can I use the pantry?

The UNT Food Pantry sets hours at the beginning of each semester based on our student staff course schedule. These hours will be posted on the Food Pantry door, as well as our website- If there is an unexpected closure, we will do our best to post about it on the door as well as our social media platform: @UNT_desresources on Instagram.

How often can students use the pantry?

Individuals may only utilize the food pantry once per week. If you are experiencing a higher need for food items, please visit our resources page to gain access to other sources of support.

How much food can students get?

As the pantry is run by donations only, the amount of food we are able to provide to each student varies based on our stock. We have each shelf in the pantry labeled with the number of items each student can get from that shelf, however we ask that students do not grab duplicate items in order to allow other students to get those items as well.

What options are available to students with dietary restrictions?

We are aware that a majority of students that utilize our services do not consume red meat or are vegetarian. We provide a variety of protein options such as chicken, tuna, salmon, beans, and vegetables. We also have a variety of gluten-free/gluten-sensitive options available as well. If you feel your dietary needs are not available at the pantry, you are able to email to let pantry staff know and request additional items be added to our rotation.

What to bring when you visit the pantry?

Students must bring their UNT ID Card to be able to utilize the food pantry. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a student does not have a UNT ID, they can visit the Eagle Student Services Center to have one created. If a student leaves their ID card at home, they are not able to utilize the pantry until they get it and bring it back with them during open hours. If you are wearing a face covering, you may be requested to remove it temporarily to verify that the photo on your ID matches your identity.

Before a student can utilize the UNT Food Pantry, they must fill out a USDA household application form. This is provided at the UNT Food Pantry during a student's first visit. Once your first visit is successful, you will receive a UNT pantry card. This card will be required to bring in any subsequent visits. A photo version of the card will be allowed.

Do I have to bring a bag?

We do ask that you bring your own bag when you visit the pantry to carry your items home with. To incentivize this, we allow students to grab one additional item of their choosing when they bring their own bag! Students who donate 5 or more usable bags, such as tote bags or paper bags, can grab a second additional item. There is a limit to two additional items total per visit, however.

If you do not have a bag, we will provide you with one, and ask that you reuse that each time you come back and use the pantry.

Can someone pick up my groceries for me?

If a student is in an emergency situation, such as an accident or has been overcome by sickness, they may request that another UNT student pick up their groceries for the week from the food pantry.  Students must follow the steps below to utilize this function.

  1. Send an email request from your verified UNT student email address, with their proxy pick-up person copied in (CC line) to
  2. Request must be verified by the DESRC staff before the student can pick up by proxy.
  3. Once an email confirmation is sent to the student and the proxy individual, the pick-up can be completed during open hours.

What constitutes an emergency situation is determined by the manager of the food pantry and the Dean of Students office. Proof of medical assistance or a doctor's note may be required.

Outside individuals, such as a spouse or family member that is not a UNT student, may not pick up groceries for a UNT student under any circumstances.