Diamond Eagle Student Resource Center Volunteers

Volunteering for the Diamond Eagle Student Resource Center is a great way to get connected with your fellow students and give back to the community. We have a variety of ways to volunteer, such as helping stock the Food Pantry, give out Graduation Regalia, and maintaining our campus gardens. Email desresources@unt.edu to get involved!
At the Center
Volunteers are able to help on an as-needed basis and build their own schedule. You can help us with events, such as our Monthly Mobile Food Pantries, help us with restocking days, or volunteer with us during our day-to-day operations. Email us at desresources@unt.edu to get started! 

Some volunteering tasks include:

  • Organize bags of food for students based on their current order.
  • Sort and shelf food storage
  • Help receive donations and code them appropriately
  • Check expiration dates for outdated food
  • Distribute food to students using the food pantry
  • Organizing clothing in the closet on to racks
  • Sorting graduation gowns
  • Handing out clothing and gowns to students

In the Garden...
Volunteers for the UNT Community Garden and Natural Dye Garden will assist with maintaining our beautiful campus gardens! Join on your own or schedule a group work day. Email wemeangreenfund@unt.edu to get involved!

Some volunteering tasks include:

•    Assist with weekly watering of food plants . 
•    Weeding out harmful and invasive plants
•    Chopping, turning, and watering compost
•    Document pollinator species in various locations around campus.