Commuter Students

Our convenient location and online programming are some of the many reasons why more than 40,000 students choose to pursue their education with UNT. Approximately 80% of our students live near campus or are commuters who travel from the surrounding DFW area. Of these, over 8,000 fall into the category of “non-traditional” and over 3,000 are 100% online students. At UNT, Student Activities offers many options for off-campus, commuter, and non-traditional students, allowing you to balance your academic schedule around the distance, your job, and family responsibilities. Part of Student Activities, Off-Campus Student Services (OCSS), is here to you achieve your educational and extracurricular goals.

What is a Commuter Student? An Off-Campus Student?

For our purposes, a commuter student is a student who lives outside of Denton and drives to school. The student could live at home with their parents or relatives, live with their own family or dependents, or live alone. An off-campus student lives off-campus, but near UNT or in the city of Denton. Off-campus students typically live with a roommate or roommates in an apartment or house. They either walk, bike, take the bus, or drive a short distance to campus.

Commuter Student Apprecation Week: March 4-8, 2024

Commuter Week is held every spring semester to honor and celebrate UNT students who commute to campus from outside of Denton. This week is also designed to create more awareness for our Commuters who have specific experiences. Commuter Week is filled with fun and informative events and programs offered by Off-Campus Student Services and other UNT Departments.

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