The Build Your Brand Series is a 4 week professional development series for UNT juniors, seniors and graduate students. By participating in Build Your Brand students will gain skills and tools to help them become more competitive in the job market and develop their personal brand. Students will hear from a variety of presenters on career related topics throughout the series. Students who complete the entire series will receive a UNT padfolio. 

Build Your Brand Topics

Week One: Soar with Strengths 

Discover your top five talents using the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment. Learn about developing your natural talents and communicating your talents to potential employers. 

Week Two: Presenting on Paper 

Your resume and cover letter often serve as your first introduction to a company or position. Learn tips and strategies to make your resume and cover letter more effective.

Week Three: Presenting in Person 

Now that you've landed an interview it's important that you put your best foot forward to land the position. Learn about in person interviews, and how to craft your elevator speech. 

Week Four: Presenting Online 

Your online presence has the potential to be your resume that never sleeps. Learn different ways and platforms you can use to craft your professional presence online.