Small Group Sessions

You'll have 3 small group sessions during First Flight Week to help you build connections, learn about campus, what it takes to be a successful student here at UNT, and reflect on your experiences throughout the week. 

Career Readiness is Life Readiness: Reflecting on the First Year Seminar 

Learn about the opportunities you have to engage in Career Exploration throughout your first year at UNT. You will also lean about your next steps in your career exploration and how you can further your career growth during your first year at UNT.

Our Community Presentation

Our community is an opportunity for you to learn more about our (UNT) values as an institution. You'll also get to discover how you fit into the mean green family. This is an opportunity to learn what it means to be a part of the mean green family, and how we can make our community safe for everyone. 

Scrappy's Challenge

To complete Scrappy's Challenge you'll work together as a team with your First Flight group to answer trivia questions, find locations on campus, and complete various challenges with your First Flight group. It's a fun, interactive way for you to learn more about UNT, and get to know your First Flight group better. First Flight groups will compete to earn prizes for their team. 

Special Interest Sessions

You are expected to attend at least 1 interest session hosted by a faculty member. These sessions will allow you to get to know the academic leaders on our campus and get a sense of what a large classroom feels like. 

College Day

Feeling a connection to your college or school is critical to your success. On college day you will get to know academic leaders and some of the key resources from your college.

New Student Convocation

New student convocation serves as your official academic kick-off to the upcoming year. This event will include all the president's cabinet members, deans, and other faculty and staff. It will culminate with the official pinning of new students with an eagle lapel pin to be work at graduation.

First Flight Programs

This is where you get to make First Flight Week your own by attending the programs and events you are interested in. You need to attend a total of 5 First Flight Programs, one program in each of the following categories:

My Prep
Being prepared for college level work is your first step to a successful year. What you may need in terms of preparation will vary by student.
My Life
On a campus UNT's size, opportunities to engage in campus life are abundant. Take time this week to connect with your peers, figure out ways to be involved on campus, and immerse yourself in the spirit and traditions.
My Future
Although graduation is still 4 years away, the actions your make today will impact your future.
My Health and Wellness
Cultivating a lifestyle that embraces ideas of health and wellness are keys to your happiness and success in college.
Our Community

Learn what it means to be a part of our caring community.