First Flight Week Frequently Asked Questions 

These frequently asked questions are for First Flight 2020 only. Given the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, First Flight 2020 will be in a virtual format. See our frequently asked questions below to better understand our decision making process.

  • Is First Flight mandatory?

    Yes, First Flight is a required program for all new freshmen as it is an integral part to your transition to the University. First Flight is UNT’s official welcome week program.  Attendance will be taken at all First Flight events throughout the week.

  • When does First Flight begin?

    First Flight Week events take place Sunday, August 16 - Sunday, August 23, 2020. Please see the First Flight program book for a full listing of all available programs.

  • Will First Flight Week events be in-person?

    At this time, we are planning for all First Flight components to be virtual. Depending on how COVID changes in our community over the next couple of weeks, if an opportunity arises to offer some of the components in person, we will be prepared to move in that direction. Regardless of if we are able to offer some programs in person, a student will be able to complete all First Flight requirements virtually if desired.

  • Why is First Flight Week online if students moved into the residence halls?

    Out of an abundance of caution, First Flight Week events will be organized in a virtual format this year. If the opportunity arises to offer some components of our welcome week in person, we will move in that direction. Due to the current situation with COVID in our community, large events will not be organized. Students will have ways that they can engage with their new classmates throughout the week, and additional details will be provided in the First Flight program book upon move-in. If you are a commuter student, the First Flight book will be available in a digital format..

  • Why does move-in begin so early if First Flight Week is virtual?

    This year's move-in is being staggered over a five-day period to allow for social distancing. Please visit the Housing website for more information. While this 5-day window is established to help manage the number of students checking in at one time, students can choose to check-in after this 5-day window, if so desired.

  • Do I have to be on-campus to participate in First Flight Week?

    All students will be able to complete First Flight requirements virtually, if desired.

  • How will UNT maintain social distancing during First Flight Week?

    Each wing of a residence hall will be assigned a color and students will be given a silicon wristband to wear to display their wing’s color. This will help us ensure residents are primarily in closer contact with peers they are already living near and we will utilize it to facilitate students accessing dining halls in a safe manner.

  • What programs or activities will the small groups participate in?

    All students will be assigned a small group based on their residence hall wing. Your resident assistant (RA) is your leader for First Flight Week. Throughout the week your leader will have activities for you to participate in as you prepare for the upcoming semester. In addition, all students are required to participate in small group meetings to learn expectations as a student on our campus. These meetings will be facilitated via Zoom.

  • How will participation and attendance be tracked?

    Attendance is taken at all live Zoom sessions. We are able to download an attendance report for each meeting and will check that with our First Flight roster to verify attendance. In addition, we will track each student’s level of engagement in the Canvas course for First Flight.

  • What if I need an exemption?

    We understand that some students may have conflicts during First Flight and may wish to be excused from some or all programming. On occasion, Orientation and Transition Programs may grant exemptions to students who demonstrate conflicts that are deemed sufficient to warrant an exemption. Fill out the online form below to submit your exemption. You will receive a response from an Orientation and Transition Programs staff member before First Flight Week begins on if your exemption was approved.

    Examples of potentially warranted exemptions include, but are not limited to, medical need, dependent child care, severe illness, unexpected family emergencies, or active military duty.

    First Flight Exemption Request Form

  • Is there a Make-Up Policy?

    There is no make-up process if you miss First Flight Week. Our hope is that by hosting the program in a virtual format that all students will be able to participate in all components wherever they are.

  • When do I move in?

    Please visit housing.unt.edu for complete details on the residence hall move-in process.