First Flight is UNT's official welcome program. This week is designed to help new students begin their college experience on the right foot. From programs that prepare you for the upcoming educational opportunities to programs where you get to let loose and meet other students, there is something for everyone! First Flight Week is optional for transfer students and we believe your participation will help you successfully transition to your new home at UNT. There are 2 ways you can participate:

Choose Your Own Adventure

The First Flight Week guide will list all the programs and activities that are going on throughout the week. Attend the programs that interest you and have a great time getting to know our campus. Find programs specifically for transfer students on the transfer program track. 

First Flight Transfer Experience 

Looking for a more robust First Flight Experience? Then the Transfer Experience is what you are looking for. You'll be put into a First Flight group with other new transfer students. Each group will have a Transfer Ambassador that will lead the group in activities and discussion throughout the week. The First Flight Transfer Experience is a great way to meet new friends and get connected to campus, and it's completely free! Sign up for First Flight Transfer Experience using the button below. 

2024 First Flight Transfer Experience Registration

2024 First Flight Transfer Experience Schedule at a Glance



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