Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders

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What is an Orientation Leader? 

Orientation Leaders are students who are selected to assist with new student and family transition to UNT. Tasks range from providing technical assistance on the myUNT website to comforting a student who feels homesick or providing assistance during orientation programs to answering general questions about UNT for parents of incoming freshman and transfer students. Orientation Leaders must be flexible, perceptive, willing to take initiative, empathetic, and team-orientated. The Orientation Team goes through intensive training during the spring and summer. This unique leadership experience hires students to serve as Orientation Leaders working with new students, and Parent Orientation Leaders working with parents and family members.

How Do I Apply?

Click the link below for the Orientation Leader Application Process! 

Become an Orientation Leader

Meet the 2022 Orientation Student Coordinator Team 


Student Coordinator

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Student Coordinator

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