Congratulations on your acceptance to UNT!

This page is designed to help you identify what should be done before you arrive on campus for orientation. The Freshman Pre-Orientation Homework and the Transfer Toolkit modules were created to help prepare you for your first day at UNT. Both share information on how to set up your Eagle Connect email, where to buy your parking permit, required programs for new students, and more.

In addition, you can find helpful resources to help you confirm your major, and also information on placement testing offered at UNT. If you have questions along the way, call our office at 940-565-4198 and we'd be happy to help!

Advising Frequently Asked Questions


All new students starting in the summer or fall semester are encouraged to complete online modules through Canvas. Log on to Canvas at with your EUID (example: abc1234) and password. On the left menu bar, select "courses" and then your course should be visible.

Freshman Pre-Orientation Homework

Available starting May 1

Prior to attending orientation, all new freshmen are asked to complete pre-orientation homework to explore personality traits, interests, and skills, and select a major. Although we realize some of you have already selected a major, this process can also help confirm your choice.

Students are uploaded to the Pre-Orientation Homework site on a weekly basis starting May 1. Your homework is due before your orientation session.

Transfer Toolkit

Available starting May 1

Prior to attending orientation, all new transfer students are asked to complete online modules through Canvas called the Transfer Toolkit. This course is designed to start building connections, but also help you begin orientation with some of your questions and concerns already addressed. These modules will help you explore personal interests and skills, and feel confident in your major selection. Although we realize that transfer students are entering UNT with some college experience, we want to make sure your transition to our university is seamless.

It is recommended that you complete the Transfer Toolkit modules before your orientation session.

Spring Jump-Start

Available starting December 1

All new students starting in a spring semester are encouraged to complete online modules through Canvas called the Spring Jump-Start. These modules will help you explore personal interests and skills, and feel confident in your major selection. We want to make sure your transition to our university is seamless.

It is recommended that you complete the Spring Jump-Start modules before the first class day of the semester.

Texas Success Initiative — State Requirements

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state statute requiring all undergraduate students - new students, transfer students, and international students - who enter a Texas public institution of higher education to either: (A) Demonstrate readiness for college-level reading, writing, and mathematics before enrolling in college-level academic coursework by achieving the statutory threshold(s) on the state-approved readiness assessment or (B) Meet one of the conditions for exemption from the testing requirement. Students must satisfy all TSI requirements before receiving a baccalaureate degree. Students who do not meet TSI requirements must complete developmental coursework to attain TSI compliance.

All first-year and transfer students coming into the University of North Texas must have completed TSI testing or have a documented exemption before registering for classes. Your registration will be delayed if TSI status cannot be determined before your orientation session.

Exemptions: Students are exempt from readiness testing if any of these TSI exemption categories apply. If you are TSI Exempt, please send appropriate documentation to the Learning Center.

If Not Exempt: UNT only accepts scores from the TSI Assessment for assessment purposes. The state-approved TSI Assessment measures college-level readiness in reading, mathematics, and writing. Minimum score thresholds required to demonstrate college readiness in each subject area.

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Placement Testing

Math Placement

If your intended major is Math, Engineering, Science, Business, or Kinesiology Allied Health, you will be required to take the Math Placement Exam to ensure placement in the correct math course during your first semester. There are some exemptions for the math placement exam including AP scores, IB scores, dual or transfer credit, or ACT/SAT scores, but the placement exam is still highly encouraged for all student pursuing these majors. To determine if you need to take the placement exam, please contact your Advising Office. 

  1. You are required to take the math placement exam prior to coming to your orientation session. You are only allowed to test one time.
  2. You will find out how to access the test, exemption information, and other details about this assessment at
  3. The math placement exam does not exempt you from any TSI requirements.

Visit the Math Department website for more information about Math Placement.

Foreign Language Placement and Exam for Credit 

Students taking the Foreign Language Placement Exam may earn up to 12 hours of foreign language credit. The exam may be taken only once per language. Many degrees at UNT require some level of proficiency in a foreign language. Review your degree requirements at to see if a foreign language is required. 

The Foreign Language Placement Test is available through the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the following Foreign Language Placement Exams will be temporarily offered online: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.

To register for an exam, email your name, the language you're testing for, and your 8-digit UNT ID number to Nancy Bouchard at:

Music Meeting During Orientation

All students who are not music majors but are interested in being involved with the College of Music during their time at UNT should plan to attend the music session during orientation to find out more about music minors, music classes for non music majors, auditioning for any of the performance groups, and the possibility of taking private lessons for the fall semester. We will also have information on applying and auditioning to be a music major available at this meeting. Check the schedule you receive at orientation check-in for information about the day and time of the music meeting. Students who have successfully auditioned for the College of Music do not attend this session.

Anyone considering auditioning for a band, choir, or orchestra should also attend this session.

AP Music Theory credit is not accepted at UNT; however, there are opportunities just prior to the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to receive credit by exam for Theory 1, 2, and Aural Skills 1 and 2. Visit the Core Theory Credit webpage for more information.

Diversity & Inclusion for Students course

At the University of North Texas, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members. To that end, we have partnered with EVERFI to provide a Diversity & Inclusion training for students that will help us all be informed on topics vital to achieving that goal. This training, in addition to being highly interactive and engaging, is based in research around the important value of diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity and Inclusion course will be available to access through your Pre-Orientation course or Transfer Toolkit in Canvas. To login, click the green "UNT login" button to sign in with your campus EUID and password. You will not be able to log in using your campus email address. If you are having difficulty logging in to the course, email and we will assist you. You should plan to spend 90 minutes on this course.

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