Executive Board

Parent Association Executive Board members.

Image description: Current Parent Association Executive Board members. 

Mandy Key


The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint any necessary chairpersons, and perform all duties pertaining to the office as prescribed by Robert Rules of Orders, Newly Revised.

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Aleece Ellison


The President-Elect shall assist the President as required and in the absence of the President, shall perform all duties pertaining to that office. The President-Elect will coordinate with the Division of Student Affairs Representative to secure volunteers for the finals goodie box stuffing, Sunday fun day, family weekend, and summer send-off parties.

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Shonna Vance

Vice President

The Vice President shall be the chairperson of membership.  The Vice President will be supported by the UNT Division of Student Affairs Staff Representative who will be responsible for processing and maintaining all membership records.  In addition, the Vice President will solicit and coordinate the volunteers for parent orientation.

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Jessica Wright


The Secretary shall keep a record of all actions taken at meetings of the Association and shall conduct and keep all correspondence of the UNT Parent Association, Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors as necessary. Minutes of all general meetings shall be posted on the Parent Association Web page.

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Philip Laudicina


The Parliamentarian shall ensure that correct parliamentary procedure is used at all meetings. As Chairman of the Constitution/By-Laws committee, the Parliamentarian shall enforce and supervise revision of the Constitution and by-laws.

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Chyrece Campbell


The Historian shall keep a history of the UNT Parent Association web-based site.  The Historian shall be responsible for coordinating with the UNT Parents Association the web-based site.  The Historian will verify and review all membership requests, publish pictures of UNT Parents Association events on the Facebook site, assist in monitoring the appropriateness of all postings, and bring attention to the UNT Parents Association if such postings are not appropriate.

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Carol Jacobs


The Past-President shall serve in an advisor capacity to the executive board.

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About the Parent Association 

The Parent Association is advised by the UNT Parent Programs staff:

Stephanie Brown, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs