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  • What are the different types of memberships how much do they cost?

    There are 3 types of Parent Association membership: Annual ($70), Two-Year ($125), and Lifetime ($300).

  • How can I sign up for a membership?

    Parents and Family members are able to sign up for their membership online at /forms/parent-association-sign-up. Additionally, attendees of Parent and Family Orientation can sign up in person during their orientation session.

  • When is it time to renew my membership?

    Annual and Two-Year memberships expire August 31st, either a year or two years (depending on membership type) after purchase. Members will receive a notice letting them know it is time to renew before their membership lapses.

Goodie Boxes

  • How much do Goodie Boxes cost?

    Goodie Boxes are free to students that have registered family members in the Parent Association!

  • When are Goodie Boxes distributed?

    Goodie Boxes are distributed during the Final period of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Exact dates of distributions will be made available after the boxes have been prepared.

  • How will my student pick up their Goodie Box?

    Goodie Boxes are delivered to on-campus residence halls for students that live on campus and are available for pick up from the hall front desk. Off-campus students can pick up their Goodie Boxes from the Orientation and Transition Programs office, located in the University Union, suite 377.

  • Who prepares the Goodie Boxes?

    Goodie Boxes are prepared by Parent Association volunteers! Each semester, the Parent Association hosts a Goodie Box stuffing event and asks for help from its members that are able to travel to campus to assist.


  • What scholarships are offered by the Parent Association?

    The Parent Association offers 2 scholarship opportunities: The Draw Scholarship and the Scholastic Scholarship. More information can be found on our Parent Association Scholarships page.

  • How does my student apply for Parent Association Scholarships, and how are the recipients selected?

    The application for the Draw Scholarship can be found on the Parent Association website once it is posted for a given year, typically during the Spring semester. The Draw Scholarship application should be submitted to Parent Programs, in the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs, located in the University Union, Suite 377. Draw Scholarship winners will be drawn by the Parent Association Executive Board and/or General Board and notified at approximately the same time as the Scholastic Scholarship recipients.

    The application for the Scholastic Scholarship is submitted through the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office, and more information can be found on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website. The recipients of this scholarship are selected by the university scholarship committee and notification of this scholarship usually occurs near the end of April and the first of May.


  • How often does the Parent Association meet?

    The Parent Association meets bi-annually, or twice a year, once during the Fall semester in conjunction with Family Weekend, and once during the Spring semester.

  • When and where are these meetings held?

    The Fall Parent Association meeting is traditionally held during Family Weekend. The dates vary every year, but typically the meeting takes place on the Saturday of the event. The Spring meeting is held in conjunction with the spring Goodie Box stuffing event, and is also held on the UNT campus.

Membership Perks