Parent & Family Connection Program

About the Parent and Family Connection Program

The Parent and Family Connection Program is an event for students and families, with a focus on first-year in college to second-year transition. This year's program will be hosted through Zoom in a webinar format. The program will feature a live keynote address from UNT's Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Elizabeth With, along with a Q&A session from campus student services. The goal of this program is to encourage you to start thinking about the next phase of college life and to begin to plan the key student milestones that are important in the college experience.

This program is free for parents and families. Following the program, all guests who participate in the webinar will be sent a program evaluation and link to request a Mean Green Family travel mug. Mugs will be mailed to the first 150 guests (free of charge) who complete the survey. Limit one mug per family group. Participation in the event is required to receive a mug.

See below for the last program's presentations!

Recorded Student Services Presentations

Off-Campus Students Services

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Career Center

Multicultural Center

Event Follow-Up and Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can students apply for on-campus jobs (both work-study and non-work study)?
  • Do you need to make an appointment at the Career Center to meet with a Career Ambassador?


  • Will students be offered the opportunity to be vaccinated for COVID-19?
    • We have been approved to be a vaccination location. At this time we do not know when we will receive vaccines for the campus community. We do know, that as a vaccination site, we will be expected to follow the state guidelines related to the established phases.
  • Please explain the protocol if a student’s roommate tests positive for COVID-19
    • Students living on campus who test positive for COVID-19  will be immediately moved to an isolation room, to ensure the least amount of spread of the virus as possible.
  • Are students eligible for CARES act funding to assist during the COVID pandemic?
    • With the first round of stimulus funds, we were only allowed to serve students who were enrolled last spring. The new funds will allow us to serve all current students, excluding international and undocumented students. We are waiting on the new round of funds to come in. Once that happens, students can begin to apply for funding. Students can check on social media or at for updates.
  • Are COVID tests free on campus?
    • There are free testing options through Curative and Well Health. Links to reserve a spot for these free tests can be found on


  • When will the new dining hall open?
    • The new dining hall, Eagles Landing, opened on Feb. 1. The hours will gradually expand throughout the semester once the new building is totally finalized.


  • Is there anything we need to know about transferring credits if students take summer classes at a local community college?
    • Have your student talk to their academic advisor to make sure the classes that they take at the community college will transfer over to UNT properly.
  • What type of training is faculty receiving to create better interaction between students?

Financial Aid/Tuition

  • When should students start applying for scholarships for next fall?
    • Now! They can access the General Academic Scholarship here: Please encourage your student to apply as soon as possible. We also encourage students to extend their search by reaching out to their department to inquire about scholarship opportunities administered through their offices. Also, please continue to reach out externally to businesses and organizations related to the student's field of study.
  • We didn’t know how to opt in to Save and Soar. Did we need to qualify to get that option? Why can't my freshman opt-in this Spring?
    • Students must elect to be in Save and Soar prior to paying their first tuition and fee bill.
  • Why are the subsidized loans are small?
    • The subsidized loan is a federal student loan and is regulated by the federal government. The amount of the loan will increase with the student's grade level. You can review more information here:
  • Will financial aid help pay for off-campus housing or will this be paid out of pocket?
    • No, financial aid will not pay directly towards off-campus housing. However, if the student is eligible for a refund from their financial aid, they will be able to use that to assist with off-campus housing


  • Where can we go to find off-campus housing if my student is unable to get on-campus housing after their freshman year?
  • Our student is currently living on campus and they need to reapply for housing for the next calendar year (Fall-2021 & Spring-2022). Are they guaranteed for living in the dorm or will they be on the waiting list for (Fall-2021 & Spring-2022)?
    • They will need to reapply as an upperclassman. They are not guaranteed housing on campus.
  • When did the returner housing application open?
    • Returning student housing application opened at 9 AM on 1/27/2021
  • How was the housing returner application promoted to students?
    • Students were invited to participate in the 21/22 roommate process in October in preparation for the 21/22 – email notification
    • Housing website announcement with 21/22 application info and dates since 10/20. 
    • On-campus residents were reminded about the application start date for returning students in January following Spring 21 move-in – email notification
    • Internal digital messaging posting
    • Staff in the residence halls have had information about the application to answer questions and refer students to the start of the process
  • How many spots are reserved for returners?
    • To ensure adequate space to meet incoming freshman demand, space set aside for returning students is currently limited to approximately 900 beds. 
  • Can returners get on a waitlist? If so, how do they do that?
    • The Housing Assignment Queue will be available for students that were not able to apply and select a room preference.  That process will likely activate at the end of February/start of March as we confirm that all returning student applications are complete and available
  • How likely do you feel we will be able to accommodate the waitlist?
    • Assigning from the Assignment Queue is dependent on the availability of beds to assign that are not claimed by the incoming first-year students.  This is a process that will occur during summer as the freshman class more fully forms.  As we're still several months away, it is difficult to project accommodating
  • If a student secured a hall but wants a different one, how do they get on that waitlist?
    • There is not a formal waitlist process for students with an application that includes a hall preference to select a backup preference.  Students can edit their existing preference to another available option if the space is currently available. The Housing Assignments office can accept an email request for adjustments but the opportunity to meet room type preference changes is limited. 
  • For more information about housing and returner, applications contact housing at or 940-565-2610

Fall 2021 Course Registration

  • When can we register for summer classes?
    • Registration for summer and fall will open in mid-March. They should start talking to their advisors now.
  • When should students meet with their advisor to discuss summer and fall courses?  When will fall courses be available for upperclassmen to enroll?
    • Students can meet with their advisor at any time. The earlier the better, as advisor meetings fill up quickly as we get closer to registration. Registration typically opens mid-semester. Those dates have not yet been released but should be shortly.

Student Activities/Events/Involvement

  • How do students find out about these small in-person events? I know my freshman would love to meet some people.
    • Great question! Departmental events can be found at the bottom of our website: It's also good to follow UNT_DSA on social media, as well as the social media for UPC and Student Activities. For student organizations, they should follow them on social media.

UNT Logistics

  • What is the total on-campus enrollment?
    • We reached 41,000 this fall+
  • If upperclassmen don’t have the opportunity to live on campus. What type of transportation (if any) is offered for students traveling to-and-from campus?
    • Denton County Transportation Services (DCTA) and UNT have a partnership that provides UNT shuttle services between the Main Campus, Discovery Park, and surrounding neighborhoods with stops at various housing complexes where UNT students live. UNT Shuttle services are free with a valid UNT ID card. Shuttles operate when classes are in session, mostly Monday through Friday with limited services on some weekends.

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