Returning Organization Registration- Spring 2020 Registration Quick Info​

For organizations that have been previously approved and that registered with Student Activities during the Fall 2019 semester:

On or after December 2nd, the President or Primary Contact for the organization should update the OrgSync profile (by clicking the blue Re-Register button) to become registered for Spring.

The organization is not considered registered until the person who updates the profile receives an email from "UNT Student Activities OrgSync" with the subject "Your registration request for {OrganizationName} has been approved!"

OrgSync Profile

Update your organization's OrgSync profile by navigating to your organization's portal and clicking the blue "Re-Register" button. Before logging in, you should obtain the following information: number of active members; UNT advisor name, department, phone, and email; name, title, EUID, and email address of ALL officers. Step-by-step instructions for completing the profile in OrgSync can be found here. We encourage you to have this document pulled up while you navigate through the profile.

In order to update the profile, you will need to be currently designated as the Primary Contact or President within the organization’s portal. If you are not listed as the Primary Contact or President for the organization you are trying to register, please ask them to assign you that role. If you cannot get in touch with them, you may contact Student Activities for assistance. For additional information about assigning the Primary Contact role, click here and see "Organization Primary Contact." 

Within a semester, after the initial OrgSync profile is submitted for registration, if any changes occur within the organization (e.g., officer email address, change in an officer or advisor), an organization must submit the change via the Spring 2020 Student Org Update Form found in the Forms Directory. Keeping an organization’s information constantly updated ensures that communication with and about the organization is directed to the appropriate person.

Student Organization Orientation

Student organizations are required to attend organization orientation once per school year. Organizations should send at least one officer (as indicated in its OrgSync profile). Advisors are encouraged, but not required, to attend. Since it is required once per school year, Fall 2019 orientation attendance counts for Spring 2020 registration. If you have a new group of officers who have not attended, we strongly encourage that you send someone to attend.

Orientation topics include OrgSync basic training, along with campus policies, risk management, and resources available to registered student organizations. As seating is limited in each session, RSVP’s are required to ensure a seat. 

Privileges of Registration

Registration with Student Activities has its privileges, as indicated in UNT Policy 07.019. Only registered student organizations are entitled to the following:

  • Opportunity to hold meetings and other activities in university facilities at no cost or at a reduced rate established by the facility.
  • Eligibility to apply for Eagle's Nest and Raupe Travel Grant funding from the Student Government Association for qualifying uses and to receive funds and access to resources provided by University departments.
  • Opportunity to apply for storage space in the University Union.
  • Opportunity to participate, as a student organization, in University-sponsored events (e.g., Homecoming, Mean Green Fling, Orientation).
  • Opportunity to use the name of the University as part of its student organization name and use the University trademarks, logos, and other UNT works in conjunction with projects benefiting the university, with express permission and approval as provided for in UNT policy.
  • Recognition in the online student organization database.
  • Opportunity to co-program with University departments.
  • A limited quantity of free copies from Student Activities.
  • Opportunity to use campus advertising mediums on a space-available basis to advertise organizational activities and membership, subject to University policy.
  • Opportunity to set up free or low-cost banking on-campus.
  • Opportunity to establish dues and sponsor fundraising projects.
  • Ability to invite guest speakers to campus.
  • Opportunity to grant awards and honors to members.

Organizations that partake in the privileges above without being registered with Student Activities may be in violation of University Policy and are subject, as individuals and organizations, to being held responsible according to the Code of Student Conduct.

Starting a New Organization

For newly forming organizations seeking initial approval, as well as dissolved organizations. Dissolved organizations (those that fail to register for two consecutive long semesters) will be treated as if they are newly forming and should follow the process below.

Are you interested in starting a new organization at UNT? All you will need is:

  • At least 8 currently enrolled, UNT student members
  • At least 2 officers
  • A mission/purpose statement of the organization
  • A constitution/bylaws (see sample below)
  • A full-time UNT faculty or staff member to serve as the organization’s advisor

For Spring 2020, Student Activities will accept applications for new organizations from January 27th until April 3rd. After April 3rd, applicants will have to wait until the Fall 2020 new organization approval period.

Starting January 27th, if you are interested in starting a new organization, you will log in to OrgSync and complete the following steps.

  • On the community homepage in OrgSync, select "Organizations." This will bring you into the directory of organizations that are registered at UNT.
  • Next, click the "Register an Organization" button. You'll then select the blue "Register a New Organization" button. This will require you to fill out basic organization information, as well as information about your officers and advisor(s).
  • Upload a copy of the organization's constitution/bylaws and add at least 8 currently enrolled, UNT student members (2 of which are officers) and your full-time UNT faculty/staff advisor to the roster.
  • Sign up to attend a Student Organization Orientation (see above).
  • Meet with the Coordinator of Student Organizations or Graduate Assistant.

After you complete the above steps, your organization will be reviewed and determined if it will gain approval and registration.

For more information, contact Student Activities or see the Student Organization Policy.


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