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One of the goals of Student Activities is to help students make connections on campus and maximize their college experience through student organizations. We have over 450 student organizations from which to choose, so there’s something for everyone. And if there’s not, you can create one! Becoming a member of a student organization helps you meet new people, develop leadership skills, and promote your interests while in college. 

Student Activities oversees the registration and approval process, classroom reservations, and OrgSync, among other things.

This webpage is designed to serve as a resource for officers, advisors, and students involved in student organizations. You’ll be able to search the organizational database, find forms, and find answers to questions about policies and procedures. Still, have questions? Contact us at 940-565-3807 or

See Organization Resources for forms, policies, and resources for your student organization.

Virtual Resources and Guidance for Student Organizations

Email sent to Officers and Advisors 3.26

Resources and guidance for the University of North Texas student organizations

Student Org Officers and Advisors:

Student Activities understands the vital role that student organizations play within our campus community. While you are no doubt adjusting to your “new” life as a student, we encourage your organization to provide virtual opportunities for your members to stay engaged for the remainder of the semester. First, think about:

  • What was/is upcoming for your organization this semester
    • Do you have elections?  Interviews? Recruitment?
    • What meetings and events did you originally have planned? How can you engage your members or community online?
  • How to communicate with your organization members
    • How will you all move forward with the semester?
    • How do you plan to continue community and engagement?

We know that thinking through the above questions might feel overwhelming, so we’ve crowdsourced some ideas for you to consider:

  • Move meetings, group chats, or events to an online or virtual format
    • Zoom Online Meeting Platform
      • Zoom may be helpful for: full organization, committee, or officer meetings, interviews, one on one conversations, and more. 
        • There is a screen-sharing feature that would allow a PowerPoint or document to be displayed to the group, as well as a recording option.
        • Click here for Zoom one-minute video tutorials.
    • Other platforms that can be used- Google Hangouts/Google Meet, RingCentral, Skype, Adobe Connect, Discord, GroupMe, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Utilize OrgSync features for organization business
    • Your organization’s OrgSync portal has the capability to facilitate many things online, including. 
      • Elections - This tool can be used to hold online elections for your organization, allowing only portal members to vote (and vote once).
        • Click here for a tutorial on creating an organization election.
      • Award Ceremonies - Utilize the Elections or Forms tool to vote for Fun Superlative Awards to celebrate members, officers, seniors, etc. After people vote, host your awards via Zoom!
        • Click here for online certificate templates.
      • News - This tool can be used to share news posts and distribute information to your organization’s members or anyone on OrgSync. There is also a discussion feature that could be used to collect feedback or host conversations.
        • News Organization Tool Overview here.
  • Host virtual trivia and game nights!  Your organization can utilize free platforms like Kahoot.
  • Host virtual watch parties - utilize the Google Chrome add on, Netflix Party, to stream your favorite Netflix shows with friends! Or watch a documentary together and discuss during and after.
  • Play board and card games remotely with your organization. Create an account to play board games and socialize for free with your friends and org members remotely.
  • Consult with a Student Activities staff member to determine the best path for your organization.
    • Our staff will be working virtually during normal business hours 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday.  We are available to meet and consult to determine what additional resources may be available for your position/organization.

Click here or additional guidance and resources. More will be communicated periodically via:

  • Student Org Chronicles (a Student Activities sponsored newsletter sent from,
  • OrgSync Events, and
  • Social media platforms (@untactivities).

Lastly, know that Student Activities is here to support you and your organization.  If you have any further questions throughout this time, please email us at

Important Info Regarding COVID-19

Email sent to Officers and Advisors 3.17-

Student Activities would like to thank you for your patience during this uncertain time. Per directives from the University President this morning, which were based on new federal guidelines, all university and student organization in-person events on campus, for the remainder of the spring semester, are canceled effective immediately.

Student organizations are, however, allowed to meet in-person if they follow the most updated CDC/federal event guidelines. As of March 16, that includes no gatherings of more than 10 people and ensuring consistent distance of at least 6 feet between people. We will be reaching out via email within the next few days to all student organizations with upcoming meetings scheduled, to ask whether you would like to cancel the space reservation. Please respond quickly. If you do hold in-person meetings, please encourage those who aren’t feeling well to stay home.

That being said, in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, we highly encourage your organization to meet virtually rather than in-person until further notice. There are many free tools that will allow you to do this, including Zoom Online Meeting platform, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams.

We know that these restrictions significantly impair your organization’s ability to function. And on an individual level, it negatively impacts your ability to maintain the connections that are important to your experience as a college student. We sympathize and wish we had better news for you; until the spread of COVID-19 slows significantly, however, these are part of the inconveniences we will face for the foreseeable future.  

As you know, things change almost daily. As they do, we will do our best to notify you of the possible impact on your student organization. We appreciate your patience while we navigate through all of the questions. Please don’t hesitate to email us at We will respond as soon as we can. If you would like to see a copy of the email sent to organization presidents and advisors on March 13, please click here.


Email sent to Officers and Advisors 3.13-

As noted in the March 12 email from the University, all instruction will be conducted online going forward. As it relates to student organization operations, you’re probably wondering how these new university operations will affect student orgs.

In looking at that email, here are the items most pertinent to student orgs:

  • If your student organization will be traveling, which is allowed if the travel is not university-sponsored, and that travel is to countries with travel restrictions or highly impacted areas in the United States (e.g., California, New York, Washington state), please follow the precautions listed in the President’s email.
  • No event or meeting with more than 250 people in attendance will be allowed. Edit made 3.17
    • If you have already submitted an Event Application and your projected attendance is in this ballpark or over, we will be reaching out to you in the next 2 weeks to discuss. We will begin with events scheduled for March.
    • Since significantly fewer students are projected to be on-campus for the rest of the semester, it may not make sense to host events or meetings open to more than your membership. If you cancel the event or meeting, please let us know.
    • Consider moving meetings or events to an online or virtual format using the Zoom Online Meeting platform.
    • All events should follow CDC guidelines, including allowing for plenty of space to keep attendees from being in close contact.

This is the first of many emails that we will send as we get more answers to the questions you may have. In fact, we are already working on an email that will include tips about topics like elections, plus helpful resources like Zoom and OrgSync.  

This is a fluid situation and we are still navigating how student orgs will be impacted. We appreciate your patience while we navigate through all of the questions.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at We will respond as soon as we can.


Search Student Organizations

Looking to get involved? We have over 450 registered organizations, from off the wall special interests, to academic and professional, to sport clubs, to spiritual/religious organizations, and more. Click here to launch the student org database.


OrgSync is an online program that helps connect students to organizations, departments, and events on campus. It also helps officers manage student organization functions and procedures, like budgets, historical documents, and event planning, all in one place. OrgSync helps connect student organizations to Student Activities resources, training materials, policies, and procedures, as well as co-curricular transcripts for student leaders.

To learn more, check out this video. To join, click here to create your personal profile. Once you decide to become a member of an organization, then you can request (or be invited) to be a member of their organizational portal in OrgSync. 

Organization Event Calendar

Many organizations post their meetings and events to our online calendar. To see what’s going on, click here.

Organization Forms

Many of our forms related to student org functions are stored within OrgSync and can be found by logging in and clicking on Forms. Most can (and are required to) be completed online and submitted within OrgSync. However, we do have some public forms, which can be found by clicking here.


Students and student organizations may be disciplined and sanctioned for hazing under the UNT Code of Student Conduct. For more information about hazing and resources to stop hazing, please click here and contact the Dean of Students at 940-369-STOP.


Student Organizations

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Contact Asiah about-

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