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Past Administrations

2020-2021 Michael Luecke Cameron Combs
2019-2020 Yolian Ogbu Deana Ayers (Spring); Hillary Shah (Fall)
2018-2019 Muhammad Kara Dominique Thomas
2017-2018 Barrett Cole Chickaosolu "Lisa" Umeh
2016-2017 Grant Hale Barrett Cole
2015-2016 Adam Alattry Christopher Le

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SGA Seal



Seal Meaning
Our Seal represents the Undergraduate Students at the University of North Texas. They are what encompasses the Student Government Association. This seal encapsulates the ideas, morals, and values to which SGA stands for.



The Outer Circle - Just as there is no true ending to our development, this outer circle represents the never ending development of students.
The Inner Circle - The inner circle represents the passion and fire that the undergraduate students represent throughout their Mean Green journey.
The Torch and the Flame - The Torch represents SGA itself, which supports and nourishes the flame, which is the fiery passion with which the students of UNT will change the world around them.
The Dots - The dots around the rim of the Seal represent the Faculty, Staff, Administration, and Students, who must all come together to make this dream continue to be a reality.
Student Government Association being within the Circle - Student Government Association is surrounded by the circle of dedicated, passionate, and inspiring student leaders, who protect and defend SGA and the ideals and morals it represents.
The Wreath - The wreath represents the everlasting bond between the University of North Texas and its students, through corridor of years. This is included in our seal to show that no matter what happens to our students, whether it be good or bad, we as a UNT community will join together in the spirit of unity and prevail over the challenges we may face.
The Three Words - Advocacy, Community, and Leadership are the core foundations that SGA stands for. We strive to always advocate for our community by being servant leaders on campus. Through our decision making, SGA is dedicated to uniting our diverse community by creating an inclusive environment that emphasizes student growth.

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