Ashleigh Howland

Ashleigh Howland

Class of 2024, Early Childhood Education
"I appreciate UNT’s vibrant community, the diverse academic programs they offer and its dedicated faculty. There are also many different opportunities to get involved and enrich students' experiences."
What attracted you to UNT?

"I went to UNT for two specific reasons. One was its welcoming community that promotes collaboration and personal growth. The community at UNT is like no other institution that I had toured, and I instantly felt at home and as if I could be my full true self. Additionally, UNT has an outstanding teaching program with its innovative curriculum. UNT aligned fully with my collegiate goals, and I knew this institution would fully prepare me for my future job as an educator, as well as provide me with many wonderful opportunities to grow in my leadership and as a person."

What student organizations, programs, activities are you involved in?

"I am an early childhood education major, I am a current member of Delta Gamma which is a Panhellenic sorority on campus where I have held positions within my chapter such as director of house management, Vice President of Panhellenic and Vice President of Programming. I also was this past year's panhellenic president and am currently the president of Rho lambda an honor society for sorority women. I have been involved in the office of Orientation and Transition Programs where I have held different positions such as orientation leader, First Year Experience leader and student coordinator. I had the opportunity to spend my past two summers and school years with this office and have been able to grow in ways I never knew was possible, all due to the amazing coordinators and directors such as Shaun Holloway, Brittany Landau, Stephanie Brown and so many wonderful student leaders."

How has being involved helped you develop valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom?

"Being so actively involved at UNT has enriched my life beyond the classroom in more ways than one. Through my copious leadership roles, I have learned to be decisive in my decision making and have been provided with many opportunities to network that helped me build professional connections and become more adaptable, resilient, gain interpersonal skills and have helped me prepare to be the best educator I can."

What advice would you give a student who is looking to make the most out of their college experience?

"My best advice would be to embrace your doubts as opportunities for growth. As a student who started off as a C student in High School, at UNT I not only have achieved a 4.0 but have been deeply involved on campus. Commitment and passion can lead to remarkable transformations. Don't underestimate your potential as immersing yourself in campus life can fuel not only academic success but personal growth. Dive in, take risks and discover the incredible heights you can reach when you are determined to succeed. You have the power to redefine your journey and make the most out of your experience at UNT."

What do you like most about UNT?

"I appreciate UNT’s vibrant community, the diverse academic programs they offer and its dedicated faculty. There are also many different opportunities to get involved and enrich students' experiences."

If you could recommend students attend one campus activity or event, what would it be and why?

"I recommend exploring the fraternity and sorority experience at UNT. Joining a fraternity or sorority provides a unique opportunity to build lifelong friendships, engage in philanthropy and develop leadership skills. The sense of community and support within Greek life enhances your college journey, offering a network that extends beyond academics and contributes to personal growth."

Fun fact about you?

"Hobbies: I surprisingly love anything outdoors like hiking, kayaking and just enjoying the sunshine. I also love to bake, go shopping, attend concerts and festivals, try new foods and spend time with my friends and family.

Hometown: Argyle"

What are your plans after graduating from UNT?

"I plan to be an elementary school teacher and eventually go back to school for a master's degree/graduate program."