Student Spotlight - Jermaine Turner

UNT Student Jermaine Turner


Major: Integrative Studies with focuses Political Science, Communications, and Public Administration with a minor in African American Studies on the pre-law track.

What attracted you to UNT?  

UNT wasn’t one of my top choices for college. My grandmother is a UNT alum and encouraged me to apply. From there I just tried in God’s plan that UNT would be a home for me. The MARTIAL Eagles LLC was one key reason I was very confident in attending UNT because I knew I’d have a place built and designed to succeed.

How have you gotten involved in campus?

The Black Student Experience helped start my leadership journey. BSE serves as a weekend retreat for incoming Black first-year students to help them get acclimated to campus. The retreat helped me get connected with other Black student leaders that helped mentor me. From there it led me to get involved in SGA, BSU, NAACP, and RAHA during my freshman year. Since then, I’ve become BSU President, resident assistant for MARTIAL Eagle, summer orientation leader, member of NT40, and SGA Intern Program Director.

What advice would you give to a student who is looking to make the most of their time at UNT?

My advice would be to always put your grades first! You come to school to get a degree first then a leader second. Be sure to always find organizations that you care about and can help you in your career field post-college. Also, remember to leave a legacy that you can come back as an alum to look on and be proud of. And lastly, have fun with your journey and experience never take anything too serious you’re still a young adult finding your way.

What are your plans after you finish at UNT?

After college, I hope to go on to law school or get a master’s in public policy. From there I plan on going into Higher education as a professional or work for a law firm. Then go on one day to run for public office in some capacity.

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