Student Spotlight: Kristen Sosa

UNT Student Kristen Sosa


Major: Social Work

What attracted you to UNT?

“The moment I stepped foot on campus, it felt as if no one judged how I acted or looked, and I was accepted with open arms. As I met more of the campus’s residents, I found that one of the most appealing things about UNT is how friendly and diverse the student body is. With all these opportunities at hand, I was able to realize my authentic self and transition into adulthood seamlessly.”

How have you gotten involved on campus?

“During my time here, I have worked with many different programs and organizations, but one of the most rewarding offices I love to work out of is the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS). This office has allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person and find what I am truly passionate about. From participating in a weeklong service trip learning about a different social issue with Alternative Service Breaks or coming together as a university to participate in a nationwide day of service with The Big Event, the CLS has allowed me the opportunity to give back to my community in ways that I would have never thought possible.

Another fantastic organization that I love to volunteer with is UNT Green Jackets. Green Jackets is one of the oldest organizations here and is dedicated to making the campus more welcoming for students and guests. For me, my favorite memory while working as a Green Jacket is getting to meet many of the famous guests that speak at the distinguished lecture series and giving back to students through fun and engaging events on campus.

I have recently become a student alumni ambassador and super excited to be working in this position. Being an alumni ambassador allows me the opportunity to offer insights into current student culture with alumni as well as allowing them to share their personal experience. I love this position because it allows me the opportunity to create meaningful and robust relationships with so many different alumni with the hopes to further mine and their pride for UNT.

Participating with these programs and organizations has allowed me the opportunity to further my love for this university and make friendships that will last a lifetime.”

What advice would you give to a student who is looking to get involved on campus and make the most of his/her time at UNT?

“Find something that you are passionate about and then surround yourself with people that are passionate about the same thing. Chance are there is a group on campus that is devoted to that cause. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. In the end, you will surprise yourself. Even if you’re scared, be as busy as you can be in the first couple months of college. After you find your place, you can settle down a bit, get comfortable and have fun. From one overworked and overtired college student to another, it is so worth it to get involved.“

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