Site Leader Information

The issues we will be working with include: health and disabilities, disaster relief, poverty and homelessness, animals, environment, education and culture, and youth.

We are seeking 20 dedicated site leaders that can help organize and construct a service break trip that makes a difference! Site Leaders must commit to attending site leader training and building a strong community amongst their participants.

The Role of a Site Leader

This is a great leadership experience for students who would like to gain more skills working with groups. Before the trip, Site Leaders are responsible for helping to select participants, conducting pre-trip meetings, organizing itineraries and travel logistics, and keeping participants informed. During the trip, Site Leaders work with their Trip Advisors to collaborate with the host site coordinators, mobilize participants, plan meals, trouble-shoot any problems, and facilitate reflection activities each day of service.

Ideal candidates are passionate about service, effective at motivating and organizing teams, are very organized and have a positive attitude. If you see yourself in this role, please apply! Two site leaders will be selected and work as partners on each trip, with one staff advisor.

The Rules

Site Leaders are strongly encouraged to select a diverse group of participants. This ASB experience is not meant to be a trip of all of your friends. Your significant other is not allowed to participate in the same trip as you. There is a non-refundable deposit, usually paid in two installments. Site Leader fees are the same as participant fees for all trips. Only Site Leaders who pass the driver authorization process will be hired to drive vans during spring break. Site Leader trainings and participant events are  mandatory. Site Leaders who miss more than one (1) meeting may be terminated from their position. ASB participants must be in good conduct standing with the University of North Texas and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

Mandatory Site Leader Dates:

More information to come.