Media Library

The UNT Media Library has various resources available to UNT students and employees, free of charge, related to environmental justice. 
The Environmental Justice Guide includes documentaries, movies, books, articles, and games that discuss examples of environmental injustices across the world. 

UNT Library System

The UNT Library System also has books relevant to environmental justice. E-books, audio, and print options are available depending on the resource.   


UNT offers a variety of courses that teach topics of and related to environmental justice. This list may not be comprehensive, as more classes are added to the course list. Search for the classes on the course catalog to read the descriptions and check for semester availability.   

  • ANTH 4400: Environmental Anthropology  

  • GEOG 2170: Culture, Environment and Society  

  • GEOG 4210: Urban Geography  

  • GEOG 4420/5420: Capitalism, Nature, and Climate Change 

  • PHIL 2500: Environment and Society  

  • PHIL 4740: Environmental Justice  

  • PUBH 3010: Social Justice and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health   

  • PUBH 3025: Environmental Health  

  • SOCI 4260: Environmental Sociology  

  • SOCI 5260/6500: Sustainable Community Development