What is the UNT Bird Campus Committee?  

The UNT Bird Campus Committee (BCC) is a We Mean Green Fund project created to educate the UNT community about the important role birds play in helping us understand our ecosystem's health, quality, and integrity. The need for bird conservation education has become vital as bird populations have drastically dropped over the last 50 years. The UNT BCC is a student and employee-led initiative that coordinates with faculty, staff, and community partners to lead changes on campus that will benefit birds that call UNT home or pass-through during migration.   

The UNT BCC holds events and meetings to increase awareness and appreciation for biodiversity on campus, using birds as an interest gateway. Committee members participate in local and national conferences to build upon their knowledge of supporting bird conservation. They also host special projects and events related to campus bird conservation. The We Mean Green Fund is supporting this project over the course of five years. 

How can I be involved with the Bird Campus Committee? 

The UNT Bird Campus Committee posts all bird walks, events, workdays, and meeting times on our Instagram page: Bird Campus Instagram 

If you would like to join the UNT Bird Campus Committee or have questions, please email us at untbirdcampus@gmail.com 

Where is good bird habitat on campus? 

Preserving habitat for birds and other wildlife in urban spaces is essential for protecting biodiversity. As part of their mission, the BCC aims to improve and increase bird habitat on the UNT campus and in the surrounding community. Features that make habitat suitable for birds include native trees and shrubs that provide habitat and food, a water source such as a pond, fountain, or stream, and seclusion from areas of high foot and/or car traffic. The UNT campus has approximately 180,000 square ft of bird habitat, with notable locations including the Pecan Creek Pollinative Prairie, the Parking Lot Preserve, the UNT Community Garden, and the Apogee Stadium Duck and Retention ponds. 

Areas determined as suitable habitat for birds on the UNT campus. Map by Clarissa Molina and Savannah Thomas. 

What are some Bird Campus Committee projects? 

Bird Nest Boxes 

The UNT BCC built and installed 9 bird nest boxes on the UNT main campus and 1 at the Pecan Creek Pollinative Prairie (PCPP) at Discovery Park in 2022. The boxes are designed for passerine bird species such as the Eastern Bluebird, Tufted Titmouse, and Carolina Chickadee. The committee also monitors an American Kestrel box and Barn Owl box at the PCPP. 

Parking Lot Preserve 

The Parking Lot Preserve is a small native garden located in Lot 11 on the UNT campus. The area supports pollinators and birds and functions as an outdoor classroom. Bird Campus additions include a bird nest box, bird bath, walking trail, and native plants. The area is managed by committee members for invasive plant removal, watering, seeding, and more. Follow the Bird Campus Instagram to keep up with our monthly workdays! 


Bird Walks 

Bird Campus hosts bird walks on the UNT campus and in the Denton community weekly during fall and spring bird migration seasons. Participants learn about the birds we share our community with, birding tips, birding resources, and more. 

Parking Lot Preserve Workdays 

Bird Campus hosts volunteer workdays at the Parking Lot Preserve monthly for invasive plant removal, seeding and planting, and more! 


The Bird Campus Committee tables at events on and off campus geared toward sustainability and the environment to educate the public about bird conservation. 

Migratory Bird Day 

Bird Campus recognizes and celebrates World Migratory Bird Day twice a year. The committee hosts special events to educate the public about the threats birds face during migration and the importance of bird conservation. 

Other Important Information 

UNT Birds iNaturalist Project 

UNT Birds iNaturalist Project automatically collects bird observations on the UNT campus, including Discovery Park. As of spring 2023, 110 species of birds have been spotted on UNT grounds.

UNT BCC presents at the 25th Annual Texas Society for Ecological Restoration Conference 

The UNT Bird Campus Committee presented a poster in Fall of 2022 at the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration Conference in Austin, TX.

Monitoring Bird-Window Strikes on the UNT Campus 

Undergraduate Ecology student Marie Muniz led a four-season study to monitor bird-window collisions at buildings on campus. The Bird Campus Committee plans to recommend and implement mitigation measures for the most problematic buildings based on her data.

Bird Safety Glass 

Advocacy and research conducted by UNT BCC members has increased awareness of the dangers that windows on campus buildings can cause for birds. Consequently, UNT has updated their Construction and Design standards to require bird safety glass on all newly constructed buildings and for existing building renovations.  

UNT Construction and Design Standards: https://facilities.unt.edu/sites/default/files//unt_design_and_construction_standards.pdf 

Audubon on Campus 

The UNT Bird Campus Committee and the UNT student chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration are proud to be officially recognized as an Audubon on Campus program. Together, we partner with the National Audubon Society to enhance bird education at UNT. Through the program, students are invited to attend Audubon workshops and webinars and have access to many resources that enhance bird conservation efforts. Our campus chapter is partnered locally with the Trinity River Audubon Center