Mean Green Gowns for Grads (MGGG) is a project aimed to assist UNT's first-generation college students, DACA students, historicallyUNT Students in their graduation gowns sitting togetherunderrepresented students, or low-income students with a free rental of graduation regalia while also reducing the carbon footprint of Mean Green graduations. This We Mean Green Fund supported project benefits the environment by extending the life of caps and gowns beyond one use. Mean Green Gowns for Grads allows eligible graduates to temporarily borrow academic regalia free of cost from the Dean of Students office, which not only increases participation in graduation ceremonies but also reduces waste through the reuse of caps and gowns. Graduates who do not participate in the program have the opportunity to donate their used gowns after their graduation ceremony for future use by other graduates to contribute to the reuse effort and ensure no one is left behind.

This We Mean Green Fund project was proposed in 2020 to support the MGGG initiative launched previously under the direction of the Dean of Students. The project received $11,000.00.