Enhancing the University Union's role as a LEED-certified green building, this We Mean Green Fund project will transform the Union rooftop with additional Texas native plants and vibrant floral colors for students to enjoy before and after class. This project was launched in response to a student's desire to make the rooftop more inviting with greenery and educational signage about the advantages of incorporating native plants into a landscape. The project was proposed in spring 2021 and will be supported by the We Mean Green Fund over five years. Along with new perennial plants, the project will include the installation of solar lighting, educational signage about the perennial plants, and seasonal color in the form of fresh annual plants each spring and fall.


Upon completing this project, students can engage in this space through conversations about sustainability and the importance of preserving native plant species in Texas. Visit the rooftop terrace on the third floor of the Union starting in Fall 2021 to see what is growing on with this project!